Today you will find yourself in the perplexing situation of having plenty of energy, but not much to do.

You will have a choice: Channel your energy toward stirring up something new to master, or jump into the stressful situation of a coworker or a friend and help them sort it all out.

If you choose the former, you will end the day in a bit of frustration. But if you choose the latter, you will end the day as someone’s hero. Plus, you’ll feel pretty good about yourself.

Although you consider yourself to be quite transparent, there are certain things you really don’t like to discuss. It can be hard for you to take up space and make your voice heard today.

And while you are going over the details in your head, you should take initiative and put your message out there. Your forthright approach saves you time and worry.

Stepping out of your comfort zone brings rewards and takes the pressure out of a tense situation. Open up and dare to share.

As Jupiter starts to gain some traction on the job front there will be some resistance. Still in his first full month in direct motion, after four months in retrograde motion Jupiter is still battling the pull from the past, but also where you’ve become used to a slower pace.

With Jupiter not due to leave until early November and September and October when the pace really picks up, continue to pace yourself. It is all about knowing when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off.

Today’s Quote: “What you do matters, but why you do it matters so much more.”

Lucky Numbers: 2, 23, 35, 38, 40, 48

Daily Compatibility: Aries

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