You pick up information quickly, Gemini. To grasp a concept, you only need to hear it once. Be concise in your questions. You are not accused of not listening to the words and actions of others. You may also be sensitive to all the information in your environment. You could become overwhelmed by too many stimuli.

You choose the less-traveled path most of the time. You are more dependent on your individualistic nature than other people. It can be lonely to not make effort to interact with others in any way that is possible. If you have ever considered having a pet but decided not to, it is worth asking yourself whether now might be the right time. Pet owners are often unable to imagine their lives without their beloved companions. You can make your day brighter with their presence!

The current planetary energies are great for collaborating with someone who shares your beliefs and ideas. It is possible to develop a deep and passionate relationship with someone you’ve been getting along with. First, you will need to get to know and trust one another.

“Never forget, you were born perfect. Anything you deem as less than perfect is the result of social conditioning. Focus less on trying to change yourself & more on changing your perception.”

Colors of the day: White, Umber

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4, 1

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: Q, K, L

Cosmic Tip: Prayer works like magic

Tips for Singles: Perfect time to meet people

Tips for Couples: Communication can resolve the conflicts

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