The astral energy states that there is a time and place for all things. Some tasks are repetitive, and we perform them more frequently than others. We try to avoid the ones we don’t like, but the universe reminds us that each task has a relationship to the others.

To stop feeling frustrated and cranky, try refocusing your attention on yourself and taking a break. Turn on your favorite music and cut fresh flowers to place in each room. You can refresh your environment and assess what you’re doing wrong. Everyone gets lost sometimes. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that each day holds the possibility of starting anew.

The fear of handling others’ feelings may not be what it appears to be. It’s possible that you just haven’t learned how to communicate with them effectively. Understanding the current astrological situation can help you identify the source of constant conflict. The challenge is finding a balance between having genuine concern and actually showing it.

“If you’re facing the worst, then your back is certainly towards the best. All that remains is for you to decide whether or not to make that 180-degree turn that will surely bring a sharp contrast to your life.”

Colors of the day: Orange

Lucky Numbers of the day: 18, 20

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: A

Cosmic Tip: Support those who need your guidance.

Tips for Singles: Love calls, promising a lifetime of happiness.

Tips for Couples: Never take love for granted.

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