Your emotions will likely be pulled to the extreme, Gemini. Communication is a key element of modern life. It holds a lot of power and is a crucial aspect. Today, people are willing to share their knowledge. Your commitment to truth will earn you respect.

You are prone to seeking the truth and this can sometimes be exhausting. Even if your anxiety isn’t recognized on a conscious level, it’s important to reduce it. You should make deep relaxation a part of your daily health routine. Traditional practices like saunas, steam baths, and massage are designed to help relax and open up new perspectives that can reinvigorate your soul. How have you been treating yourself in these areas lately?

Today’s events could have a tremendously positive impact on your life. You may feel like you have been running at a very high speed lately, but you might be forced to stop and think about where your relationship is going and why you were involved. It may prove to be very beneficial for you to reflect deeply on this subject.

“You are not your darkness. You are not your pain. You are not the part of you that finds it hard to get out of bed in the morning—but the part that does it anyway. You are the pieces of a heart that’s been broken, but managed to survive. You are vast bells ringing. You are the universe dreaming. You are the transforming.”

Colors of the day: Orange, Brown

Lucky Numbers of the day: 7, 0

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: U, Y

Cosmic Tip: Seek beauty in the mundane.

Tips for Singles: A nice conversation with your family over dinner will make your day turn into a special one.

Tips for Couples: A dinner date with your lover will make everything seem beautiful.

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