You may be wondering what is causing the havoc in your love life. It is possibly some third person trying to manipulate either of you into believing how worse your partner can get. But this person has some selfish motives. The miscommunication between you and your beloved will be intensified with the arrival of this person into your lives. But if yours is a strong bond, it will sustain this storm too.

Although your physical health will be good in the days to come, you may be faced with both emotional and material challenges because you can focus on work. You have invested in your health, and it is not worth sacrificing it for anything or anyone. You just can not help if the person to be blamed is your partner, but it could also be the other way around. Are you judging things objectively? Think twice!

You are someone who is easily taken up by emotions, dear Gemini. But thinking of things emotionally can also have severe consequences. While you may strongly believe that your emotions are what makes you a better human than most others, which is true, you also need to remind yourself that decisions taken under the influence of emotions may not always be the wisest decision they make in life.

“Letting go of people doesn’t mean you never loved them. Sometimes, it is the greatest act of love because it teaches them to be accountable for how they treat people who care. Maybe, not now, but years from now, they will look back and realize that kindness is more than yelling casual suggestions to a person that is drowning in their sea of apathy.”

Colors of the day: Pink, Red

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4,9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: M, W

Cosmic Tip: A bit of self-introspection is the key to attaining peace.

Tips for Singles: It is pointless lamenting over spilled milk.

Tips for Couples: Abstain from blaming each other.

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