You are going to be struck by the good favor and luck is going to be on your side today. If you have been working on an assignment or a project it is going to be a huge success. Students waiting for their offer letters from universities abroad will also get positive news from their desired universities. You are going to have a wonderful day ahead full of joy and enthusiasm.

Today is going to be a fresh start for some. You will be feeling positive and will approach the problems from a different perspective. This rejuvenated spirit in you will boost your mood and you will not face any kind of major health problems. You are advised to remain cautious though and engage in some form of physical exercise.

You will have to be practical rather than being too emotional. You need to approach things more logically and try to have control over your emotions or else you will find yourself broken by the end of the day. Expectations can lead to disappointments and therefore when you realistically see the entire situation you will be able to have a better understanding of your mistakes. You might even have to make certain adjustments to resolve the harmony.

“Letting go of people doesn’t mean you never loved them. Sometimes, it is the greatest act of love because it teaches them to be accountable for how they treat people who care. Maybe, not now, but years from now, they will look back and realize that kindness is more than yelling casual suggestions to a person that is drowning in their sea of apathy.”

Colors of the day: Mellow, Crimson

Lucky numbers of the day: 2, 8

Lucky alphabets you will be in sync with: D, L

Cosmic Tips: Don’t lose your faith, it requires time to happen.

Tips for Singles: Enjoy the best companionship with yourself and go on a lovely coffee date with yourself.

Tips for Couples: Understanding isn’t enough, try to put yourself into perspective.

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