You can become too critical and try to see everything very objectively. Your argumentative nature can delay certain things in life which are unnecessary and this can create problems for you later. Try to take a different approach where you need to be a little more diplomatic and understanding rather than being too rational and analytical. Your blunt approach will need some modification and you will find the support of your siblings.

Pay more attention to your health in the coming week. You will be burdening yourself with too much work and pressure. This will likely make you fall sick and suffer from sleep deficiency. You will have to incorporate more nutrition and vitamins into your diet. Overworking can drain your energy and make you lose patience. Try to do one task at a time and maintain a proper timetable.

You are going to be too caught up with piles of work and responsibilities that are going to be handed to you this week. At the office, you are going to be more critical which won’t be appreciated by some of your colleagues. Try not to be blunt while making a statement. The efforts you put into the work will be appreciated only if you can maintain a favorable relationship with everyone.

You will be enjoying a great time with your partner this week. You will be optimistic about the way your relationship is turning out to be with your beloved. You need to understand the perspective of your partner. Try to be more subtle and empathetic towards your partner’s emotions. Don’t engage in unnecessary arguments.

There are going to be some unexpected travels that might take place this week. You might have to visit your ancestral home because your grandparents might fall sick. There might be some traveling that can take place with your partner. You and your partner might plan for a surprise trip to the nearby holiday destination and spend the weekend caressing each other.

Colors of the week: Lavender, Sea Green

Lucky Numbers of the week: 2, 6

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: P, T

Cosmic Tip: Your anger will only get the worse out of you. Be more subtle while handling critical circumstances.

Tips for Singles: Enjoy the week by working on your priorities. Love will find its way to hit you later.

Tips for Couples: Arguments can be avoided by being a little patient and more compassionate.

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