The week upholds fun and adventurous moments with a special family member of yours, with whom you share a very close bond. You are going to enjoy the moment to the fullest and will thank your stars as these moments are very rare and highly precious. You will enjoy the bliss of life and rejoice in being an independent individual. The responsibilities that have been tied up to you have made you tired and this week you will be handling everything efficiently.

You will need to pay a little extra attention to your health this week. If you have been suffering from a particular disease this week, you might be seeking alternative medical attention. You might find yourself driven towards Ayurvedic treatment. Be a little careful while doing outdoor activities and pay a little focus to your fitness regime.

You will be making new changes when it comes to your professional life. You will try to bring back your focus and carry it forward on the right track. If you have been feeling lost and a little out of the place you will be rejuvenated with a newfound purpose. Focus on the tasks which have remained incomplete and strategize your schedule.

You are going to feel more attached to your partner. The sense of belonging and togetherness will be profound this week which will help you resolve the problems that you and your partner have been experiencing lately. Enjoy this blissful period and communicate with each other about the problems and your desires. If you have been waiting for the approval of an elder to take the relationship to the next level, this week will allow you to do so.

Great prospects of traveling can be seen on your card. You are going to enjoy a wild trip with a close family member of yours. The trip can be with your favorite cousin where the both of you will enjoy the special bonding moment. You can also take a small break to the mountains, embracing your partner, melting in every moment.

Colors of the week: Pink, Red

Lucky Numbers of the week: 4, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: A, B

Cosmic Tip: Never take any opportunity lightly. You never know this can be a major milestone in your life.

Tips for Singles: Love will come knocking at your door. Don’t be hesitant and push it away.

Tips for Couples: Make special arrangements your partner. The week will become progressively spicy.

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