Stability could take a backseat to excitement this week, which is music to your variety-loving sign’s ears!

While you’ll feel the frissons of change rippling through your social life all week, it’s all leading up to Thursday, December 20, when the Sun in Sagittarius gets into a flowing formation with electrifying Uranus in your community corners.

You’d never REALLY turn your back on your loyal friends, Gemini. But sometimes you need to step away from the pack in order to break everyone out of a rut—and find new venues and recruits for your ever-expanding squad.

Go exploring and see what you can bring back to base. Maybe it’s time to start a new tradition like a pre-holiday karaoke marathon or a group volunteering mission at a coat drive. Once you’ve found “the thing,” don the entertainment director’s fedora and spearhead this operative.

Not everyone appreciates change as much as your mutable sign, but with high-minded intentions, it can work wonders. If you haven’t been in sync with one of your soul twins, the Sun-Uranus trine can help you realign.

But it will take some real talk about your respective visions. You might want to wait until you’ve processed Thursday’s revelations before scheduling a heart to heart. Remember this: Be the change you wish to see in this relationship.

Instead of waiting for an apology, offer one instead, even if you’re just saying that you’re sorry for holding in your feelings and allowing resentment to build. It takes two to tango!

Of course, some relationships may only be “for a season” or a reason, instead of a lifetime, and starting Friday, December 21, the rubber will meet that road. With the Sun beaming into Capricorn and your intimate eighth house until January 20, you won’t feel like investing much time in superficial connections.

And if someone’s been stringing you along—for business or pleasure—you’ll have no trouble holding their hands to the fire. You’ll quickly see if they can take the heat…or not. And should they bolt from your kitchen, well, ‘bye! That just leaves more time in your busy schedule for your personal VIPs.

Relationships worth their Himalayan salt could get super serious now, with pledges of undying love happening under trees or confetti, or even in the most random of places. Since the eighth house rules metaphysics, spend holiday downtime on a meditation cushion or reading inspirational books.

Focus on your artistic pursuits, whether they involve writing, singing, dancing or sculpting. This annual monthlong transit is a shout-out to your inner power broker, and you could find yourself rubbing shoulders with some industry heavy hitters.

Sniff around for passive-income opportunities. A great way to pad the savings account without breaking your back are dividend-paying investments, royalties and commissions.

Smart investments now—like your brilliant friend’s e-commerce site—could be the ticket to that dream vacay or beach house.

On Saturday, the Cancer full moon lights up your grounded second house, bringing another cosmic cue to sort out financial confusion. Start by making sure you’re all set for health insurance, taxes and pre-tax retirement account contributions for 2019.

Not the sexiest activities, but if you can clear those decks now, you will swing into holiday-party groove without these worries hanging over your head. Your second house is the tradition-loving sector of your chart, and because the new moon’s influence lingers for two weeks, you might be the glue that holds your crew together this holiday season.

Get everyone involved in a sweet tradition, like cookie-baking or caroling—or start a new one of your own, like making charity donations in each other’s names. Or, since this area also rules all things earthy and sensual, give gifts of experience (like massages!) or bespoke treasures, like handmade ornaments or presents from an artisan’s market or craft fair.

And of course, since the second house governs finances, Gems who have been busting arse for the past six months, take heart: La luna can bring positive developments in the work arena.

Even if you don’t get hired until early 2019, use the holiday soiree circuit to make connections that you can advance into exploratory calls and power lunches in the New Year.

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