Early this week, you’ll feel an overarching need to be freed—from complicated relationships, unfulfilling circumstances, draining financial obligations, and so on.

Chalk it up to the events of this Thursday, December 20, when the Sagittarius Sun joins forces with rebellious Uranus. What’s been clipping your wings, Archer? (Or maybe, who?) The past four years have been weightier than usual for your sign but it’s time to make like signmate Taylor Swift and shake it off.

True, you’re way more comfortable shouldering responsibility these days. But has your vision of success started to feel like an endless sacrifice? The Sun-Uranus trine could act like shock therapy, jolting you into the realization that you need a better strategy.

Find some time in the first part of the week where you can put aside detail-oriented tasks and let true, unbridled inspiration guide you. This may take you out of the office—possibly out of cell range—but hey, a Sag has got to do what a Sag has got to do.

If you’re particularly stuck, consider signing up for a self-development workshop that helps you clear out the cobwebs. Go where the spirit moves you and do what’s needed, from finishing up your holiday shopping to meeting pals for a night of dancing.

Anything creative or romantic should fit the bill perfectly, too, given Uranus’ position in your passionate fifth house. Without even trying, your every move will be on display near Thursday. Put your best—if not your most original—foot forward, and don’t forget to photograph the evidence!

Another reason to keep it festive and free early this week? You’re winding down Sagittarius season 2018. Eat that last slice of flourless chocolate cake before this Friday, December 21, when el Sol moves on to Capricorn for a month.

Yes, this probably means that you’ll have to climb down from that chandelier you were swinging from. But in truth, you’re ready to have your feet planted on solid ground again.

Invite in the spirit of practical magic and feel the serenity that comes from cleaning up your calendar, reconfiguring your budget and getting back into SOME sort of healthy routine. Belt-tightening doesn’t have to be boring!

Start a tradition of organizing Saturday night supper clubs or hosting movie nights. Rally the troops for fun, free outdoorsy activities, like sledding or skating.

Your sign may be the adventurer of the zodiac, but even you will enjoy nestling into more Hygge-friendly routines. Consider adopting some new rituals, such as a morning meditation practice or fifteen minutes of freestyle yoga or weightlifting.

A seductive weekend could be in store, as the full moon beams in Cancer and your intense and erotic eighth house. You won’t have to plant yourself under any low-hanging mistletoe for the action to heat up.

An intense connection that’s been building for the past several months could culminate in a bodice-ripping adventure before 2018 is through. If you’re single and looking, just turn your gaze to the most appealing person in the room and charm them with both your wisdom and your wit.

While you’re wrapped up in a deep, philosophical conversation, the minutes could just melt away. This soulful full moon may deliver the kind of deep mind-body-spirit connection you’ve been dreaming about.

Coupled Archers can bring sexy back by not trying too hard. The key lies in giving yourself more downtime to relax. But if the only movement you’ve gotten in the past month is along that well-worn track between the sofa and the fridge, it would be little wonder if your mojo is in slow-mo.

Sweat it out at the gym or on your yoga mat to get your chi flowing again. A few killer workouts may be all it takes to resuscitate the slumbering Sagittarius siren.

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