With Mars winding down its final hours in Pisces and your status-conscious tenth house on Monday, December 31, clink champagne glasses with the VIPs before 9:20PM EST.

That’s when the red planet pushes aside the velvet ropes and races into Aries and your “the more, the merrier” eleventh house. If you’re wearing anything restrictive, like six-inch heels or a gown you had to hold your breath to fasten, release the restraints!

There’s no reason you can’t pull a pre-midnight costume change…or hit the dance floor in stocking feet and a half-unzipped dress. You’ll be laughing too hard to give a damn, Gemini!

If your NYE plans aren’t set in stone, round up your most hilarious friends and toast the end of 2018 with a potluck dinner.

This free-spirited vibe could lead you to a loft party, an underground club or even a spontaneous dance-off in your own living room. Costumes are always encouraged at a Gemini fete, so pull out some wild, bling-y gear from your Halloween trunk (and bring things to share).

If you find yourself at a black tie affair, you’ll probably be collecting the coolest “strangers” in the room to connect with more during this Mars cycle, which lasts until February 14.

While you’re likely to be in a large crowd, make sure your inner circle is full of positive people. The last thing you need is some dreary downer to wreck your celebration by getting drunk or dramatic.

On New Year’s Day, you can bring order to the Gemini court—and launch some of your most salubrious New Year’s resolutions. The moon teams up with radiant Venus in Scorpio and your sixth house of health, fitness and daily routines.

If you’ve been struggling to make time for workouts, lean in to the obvious Gemini success strategy: Pinpoint a gym or yoga “twin” and hold each other accountable.

If you have a little extra coin, splurging on a 10-pack of sessions with a trainer might also get you off to the running start you desire. Health is wealth!

Saturday’s solar eclipse in Capricorn—the first new moon of 2019—will set off yet another round of fireworks in your minx-y eighth house.

What starts as a come hither stare might evolve into a “happily ever after” situation…or maybe just the hottest damn weekend you’ve had in ages. You’ll certainly feel your mojo rising, and your purr could lure a powerful prospect.

If you’ve been dating for a while, you might discuss a more exclusive arrangement over brunch. Coupled Gems could uplevel with engagement rings or other long-range proclamations of coupledom.

Or if you know in your heart of hearts that it’s time to leave an untenable situation, you’ll finally have the courage to cut things off for good (or for long enough to give yourself space to think clearly and do what’s right for YOU).

There are two more eclipses in Capricorn this year, on July 16 and December 26, and this saga may have a few more dramatic arcs before it settles into certainty.

But one thing’s for sure: Putting up clear, firm boundaries (and NOT rushing in for the save) will be the only way you’ll ever see if this person is willing to do the real work required to make a change.

If you’ve been relating a lot to Sisyphus since August 7—rolling a weighty boulder uphill only to have it slide right back down—we have good news for you! On Sunday, January 6, transformative Uranus ends a five-month backspin in your eleventh house of teamwork and technology.

No longer will you be thwarted by others’ indecisiveness or erratic behavior. Suddenly things will start flowing again on an important collaboration. As a consummate superconnector, harmonious interpersonal interactions are fundamental to your peace of mind.

If your squad has been feeling a little claustrophobic, this is a good time to look around for a new crew or special-interest group, before Uranus moves back into your soulful twelfth house on March 6.

Make sure you’re asking for the support you need, Gemini, and also finding it in the right places.

You might have to shell out a little cash for a bookkeeper or babysitter instead of relying on friends, but that’s a lot less “expensive” than the guilt that comes from owing people favors you have no time to return!

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