Two champagne flutes s’il vous plait? Reserve a table for two this NYE—or set one up at home. This Monday, December 31, white-hot Mars shifts into Aries (at 9:20PM EST), which means you’ll be keen to ring in 2019 with your favorite plus-one.

Be that your bae or your BFF, the passion planet will have you gushing with deep appreciation. Raise a toast in their honor, then start scheming about all the fabulous things you’ll bond over next year, especially while Mars buzzes here until February 14! Coupled Libras might bring that attitude of gratitude to a private pre-celebration.

Just set an alarm if you plan to get out and mingle before midnight, and leave enough time for hair, makeup, wardrobe, etc. so you don’t miss the fireworks.

But hey, you might be just as happy to watch the clock strike twelve while lying in each other’s arms. Single and mingling? Mars in Aries will dial up your sex appeal, making you quite the magnet for midnight smoochers.

Ideally, you’ll pucker up for someone whose potential lasts far longer than a ten-second snog. This six-week cycle could expedite stalled relationships, one way or another. If you’ve been avoiding a conflict, you’ll have no choice but to deal—just please, let it rest until after NYD.

When you wake up on the 1st, money could be on your mind. As the moon and your ruler, value-driven Venus, sync up in Scorpio and your fiscal sector, what changes do you want to make in your financial life: Curtailing your spending? Saving more?

Not feeling guilty treating yourself to an occasional luxury? And that could also mean “luxury” as in organic groceries from the farmer’s market or one show-stopping pair of boots.

This is a good time to review your finances and set some budgetary goals for 2019. You may be pleasantly surprised to see how quickly you can build your nest egg by cooking more meals at home and making extra to brown-bag for lunch. Little things DO add up.

On Saturday, click the heels of your ruby slippers, as the first new moon of 2019 lands in your domestic fourth house. This one is extra special, since it’s the first in the trio of Capricorn eclipses that will take place this year. (The follow-ups are on July 16 and December 26.)

Review your shelter requirements. Are you ready to pull up the stakes and find a more suitable city? Move closer to family…or further away from them? Or maybe rework your current space, downsizing to a smaller apartment or knocking down a kitchen wall so you can cook and entertain simultaneously.

Whatever the case, think sensibly and sensually. Practical luxury is the name of the game; eco-chic, too! If you’re moving, check out green buildings with solar panels and outdoor spaces that can be turned into edible gardens.

In 2019, the Libra Palace might double as a home office. Working with women or family is especially favored by the year’s three eclipses in Capricorn, along with Saturn and Pluto who are touring Capricorn all year. A kitchen table side hustle could illuminate new ways to put food on everyone’s plates.

If New Year’s Eve didn’t bring any noteworthy slings from Cupid’s quiver, the arrows could start flying again this Sunday, January 6. Transformative Uranus resumes forward motion in Aries and your partnership realm after an erratic five-month retrograde.

If you’ve resisted the dating app scene, give it a try, because tech-savvy Uranus’ direct turn could bring someone worthy of a SUPER “like”! Already checked every compatible contender on Tinder in your zip code?

Follow communal Uranus’ prompt to join hobby and interest groups where you might find people who share your passions. Even if they aren’t your romantic cup of tea, they might have friends who fit your requirements.

For many Libras, Uranus has been causing unrest in relationships since it landed in Aries—and opposed your Sun—on March 11, 2011.

You’ll be glad to hear that the side-spinning planet takes the heat off of you this coming March 6, when he moves on to Taurus until April 2026 and helps you stabilize all those erratic feels.

Couples may realize they need more freedom—but that doesn’t necessarily presage a breakup. Being attached at the hip can be a buzzkill even for happy unions. You might also infuse some excitement by exploring new terrain together—and of course, doing a little experimentation behind closed doors.

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