Ambitions interrupted? Starting this Tuesday, June 26 you may need to downscale or temporarily hold off on a few of your big summer plans, as driven Mars shifts into reverse in Aquarius and your visionary ninth house until August 12.

Further sputters may result when it retreats back into Capricorn and your eighth house of mergers through August 27.

It’s not like NOTHING will happen for the next two months—you’ll just have to be thorough with your timeline and diligent in your pursuits. (And be ready with contingency plans!)

If you’re looking to launch a freelance business or entrepreneurial project, this retrograde cautions against taking unnecessary risks. Don’t oversell yourself: If anything, lowball your projections and what you can deliver.

It’s better to pull off 50 percent of a project and have it shine brilliantly than turn in something complete but shoddy.

If it’s possible, see if you can hold off until Mars resumes forward motion on August 27—or ideally after September 10, when Mars picks up where it left off in Aquarius to launch anything major. (You can test the waters with smaller efforts until then.) This realm also rules travel.

If you haven’t booked summer trips yet, you might prefer to revisit a favorite destination rather than check out someplace unfamiliar.

One tiny caveat: With adventurous Mars in reverse, you’ll want to exercise more—not less—caution and pay attention to your surroundings.

Who’s bringing sexy back?! Our money’s on Gemini this Thursday, when the year’s only full moon in Capricorn electrifies your erotic and intimate eighth house.

You may find it hard to hold back your feelings and desires under this lusty lunation—and why should you?

Whether you’re single or in a solid union, these scintillating moonbeams can hit the refresh button on your libido.

For Twins looking for a boost in the sensuality department—or to experience deep sexual healing—meet your muse halfway by getting more comfortable in your skin.

Go back to the gym or yoga studio; walk, run or bike on a regular basis; and treat your body like the temple it is.

Pre-existing relationships could go through a renaissance during this lunar lift, so make a point of spending more time at home with bae (ideally in the boudoir) in the coming two weeks.

And don’t shy away from bringing up some of your hopes and dreams for the future. Single? Seek and you WILL find!

By sending out a powerful “I’m ready” vibe, intriguing and attractive people may come crawling out of the woodwork!

When curious Mercury springs into Leo and your intellectual third house this Friday, your favorite workout may be mental calisthenics.

With this zone activated until September 5—an extra-long cycle because the messenger planet will be retrograde from July 26 to August 19—the world is your buffet table, so be prepared to dine to your fill!
Check out local listings for lectures, workshops and cultural or culinary walking tours.

You could discover a rich cache of options right under your nose. Because Mercury here gives you the gift of gab, get out there and meet some new faces in your ‘hood. /By TheAstroTwins

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