Though there are exceptions, we here have tried to take into account the personality traits that are unique to the signs and from there tried to find possible reasons for fear in the spheres of attachment, romantic intimacy and relationships.

So here it goes.

They are really fiery in their passions. When they obsess over a particular person romantically, they do it ardently. Their greatest fear is their same passionate intensity backfiring; that is their passion not being reciprocated and in turn appearing to be just an overbearing personality.

They get attached with difficulty but when they do, it’s nigh impossible to shake them from their resolve. And hence, they never want to be the one to break the relationship up.

They don’t want to choke you up, and no matter what it appears to be, they just want to protect you; from EVERYTHING. But their execution of this protection is often times known to be problematic with frequent usage of the phrase “I am protecting you from myself (by breaking up)”; hence proceed prepared.

Now, this is another of the problematic signs; like bulls in a fighting pen, they are focussed when they are in love. Thing is, the stage before is the icky one. They are VERY independent and career-oriented people, with concern ONLY for material gains.

Their greatest fear would be of the effect their romantic other has on their chalked out perfect lives and goals. Now I don’t know if this is consolation enough or not, (and this is true for Aries as well) once you two are a couple, even if you don’t last, your effect will last on their lives. Once they let someone in, they stay in one way or the other.

A Gemini is an airy sign. They spend their entire lives trying to figure out how to be around people and how to fit in.

Their greatest fear would be not knowing how to be around you and how to act appropriately. And more importantly, they are an undecided lot; if they fall for you, they WILL be confused, about everything because they will continue trying to figure out how to be around you and other people and while trying to sail in two boats, sticky situations will follow.

Now, this is my favorite.
They are by far the most ideal sign romance-wise, tailor-made for long-term relationships. They are committed, thoughtful, imaginative, loyal, friendly; if you end up marrying a Cancer, the only fights you’ll have will be about what you want to have for dinner; and the most likely outcome would be them agreeing with you.

Sounds perfect? There is one tiny catch. They are insecure to a morbid level. And it is mostly about how if you are happy if they are treating you well enough. This has been known to lead to a number of fights. Also, they have high expectations from romances; which causes them to commit as much as they do. If and when you do not meet these expectations, there might be episodes.

They are a proud race who values their pride and extreme rationality above everything else. Their only fear: Love itself. They are aware of the rose tinted glasses love brings as an added package and of its consequences. They know how their senses will be compromised and their pride shattered and this will invariably cause them to shy away.

Their greatest strength is also their greatest shortcoming: the ability to see the best in the people around them. Their personalities have something Pre-Lapserian about them, innocent and unable to process the thorns in beds of roses. As a result, they will invariably be afraid to fall in love, out of fear of betrayal; something that has been a constant in the smallest or largest of ways all their lives.

They are all too aware of their own faults and shortcomings. They know they aren’t perfect. And this is their greatest fear as well: Ending up showing their faults to the one they love and cause disappointment. Causing someone else pain is the last thing that can enter their minds which is often driven by a strict sense of justice.

They are some of the most alert and perceptive individuals you will meet in life. Also, they happen to be quite the judgmental type.

They can spot flaws in others very quick and quite accurately and this is also their greatest fear. If they fall in love with someone, they know that there is a possibility of them finding something they don’t like later on. This would make the entire romantic experience salty.

Fair disclaimer: They are some of the worst people you can fall in love with. They are restless and innately nomadic, even when it comes to relationships. Attachments stop meaning anything to them after a while.

They don’t have a fear; it’s their partners who should be afraid of them. They never want the other to be too comfortable and stable in a relationship; simply because it means settling. For them everything has to be a far-flung adventure and people must put up with them and never the other way around.

They are loyal to a stubborn level. And they realize that even if things don’t work out their loyalty won’t leave their bedside in a hurry.
And that is their greatest fear.

They are often times paradoxical in the way that they have high expectations from themselves and also pride. When they fall in love with someone, they know that they will end up carving across for themselves which would be too heavy to carry. They will constantly fear not getting your approval and will dread disappointing you.

Their greatest fear is being pulled out of the water of self-control they assume around them. They fear the vulnerability which comes with sharing your deepest and darkest secrets with the person they love.
And that is natural to everyone. They are also afraid of the fact that their partner might just enable this tendency of theirs, which is their getting too emotionally attached.

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