The New Moon tomorrow brings new energy for work, health, and self-care matters in the coming weeks, dear Taurus. You’ll be breathing new life into these areas of your life, but today, it’s important to rest, reflect, and consider what needs changing.

Lay low, reflect, revise, and intuit today. The details of everyday life assume far more importance for you now, although this could be to the point that the larger picture is numbed. Time spent alone or in relative peace can be beneficial with the Moon in its dark, Balsamic phase.

You’re likely to be pulled in a new direction or towards a new, enlightened perspective in the coming days. We’re moving towards a Sun-Uranus face-off affecting your work and your mental or physical health.

If you feel at the mercy of others’ schedules or unreliability, consider ways to be more independent. You have the chance to make changes.

People seem to think they can put one over on you today, but you’re more perceptive than they realize. Chatty Mercury joins jovial Jupiter in your 7th House of Others, bringing you an opportunity that looks too good to believe.

Unfortunately, the truth is a moveable feast as a friend or associate uses imagination rather than the facts to tell a story. It’s unwise to make a decision based on what you hear. Instead, rely on your direct observations for guidance now.

Historian Daniel J. Boorstin said, “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

A New Moon is a coming together of the Sun and Moon and alongside each other, this doesn’t usually create tension. It is a Full Moon, when the Moon and Sun are in opposition that can create pressure.

Yet in the lead up to tomorrow’s New Moon in your work sector, work tension or job pressure is rising. This is a familiar standoff between forces that want you to keep your work hat on and those that want you to keep it off.

Yet working together the Sun, Moon and Venus can use this to push for a fresh start and new beginnings.

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