Are you a strong Leo woman who is looking for a man that will give you the love and adoration you seek?

Here are some choices you may consider for finding the right match for yourself.

Leo Woman And ARIES MAN Compatibility…

You and he both like to be the “life of the party” so being social together should be pretty easy for you. He likes to get out and about just like you do. Together you could be the “dynamic duo” sent to make everyone smile.

The two of you love to pursue and enjoy yourselves on great adventure. Excitement is something that you both can continuously give each other. That’s a recipe for making it last.

The bedroom will provide plenty of lust, passion, and romance. Boredom isn’t in your vocabulary when it comes to having a relationship with the sensual Aries man.

Where you could encounter issues is when you both disagree on something and begin to bump heads. You’ll need to find ways to control your temper as he will with his. If you can both give each other time to cool off; you should be able to make it last.

Leo Woman And TAURUS MAN Compatibility…

The Taurus man will undoubtedly be drawn to you because it’s hard to miss your charisma in the room. He will be excited by your ability to make him swoon. He will be attracted to your social butterfly attitude.

The thing is; the Taurus man likes to spend a lot of time at home and isn’t nearly as social as you are. He is focused on his home base and building a nest for the future. This could cause conflict for you both.

You’re more about adventure and getting out there to have some excitement in your life. He’s ready to be at home and keep the fires burning there. He can be a bit jealous and possessive so your need for freedom could cause a bit of an issue.

You both are stubborn as well which could cause you two to bump heads. Clear and heavy communication will be mandatory in order to make this relationship work.

Leo Woman And GEMINI MAN Compatibility…

You two will likely spark up some really interesting conversations. You are both very social and so having lots of outings should be no issue for either of you. You both have a need for some personal freedom and you’ll both be able to give each other that.

Bedroom time will never be boring between you two. You’ll always find a way to excite each other. Though things will be stimulating; the Gemini man tends to get bored easily and may not give you the full devotion you’re looking for.

In fact; he is also quite a flirt. As a Leo; you want him to be 100% yours and not have to worry about what he’s doing or who he’s with.

These issues can be worked on if you’re both willing to put in the time and effort it may take but it won’t be easy.

Leo Woman And CANCER MAN Compatibility…

While the Cancer man is quite dreamy and soothing for your soul; he may also prove to be quite a challenge. He will want to take care of you and be the nurturing partner.

He’ll also want you to give him security and stability. He’ll also want to take charge in the bedroom as he sees himself as the bread winner. You as a strong confident Leo may not want to be taken care of.

Your independence will make him uncomfortable. Just as his being pushy or overly emotional may make you want to bolt for the door. There are some deep issues that can play a role for you two.

If you truly fall in love though; you may be able to salvage the relationship if you’re both willing to bend a little bit in order to find some common ground. Maybe taking turns could be the key.

Leo Woman And LEO MAN Compatibility…

You two probably have a whole lot in common since you’re the same sign. You’ll explore adventurous places together, have romantic dinners, and share lots of exciting new possibilities.

You’ll both probably be independent, financially stable, and successful on your own accord. You’ll work hard to encourage each other to succeed in all areas of life which makes for a comfortable match.

The understanding between you two is very stable and strong. The sex is likely incredible as you two move as one. This is a very romantic match full of sensuality and love.

The only issue that could possibly pop up with two would be the battle of the wills. You’re both strong mentally and know what you want which could make you bump heads from time to time.

It’s not likely to become a make it or break it type of scenario; however. You two can handle it.

Leo Woman And VIRGO MAN Compatibility…

You two will be drawn to each other by your alluring energy. He’ll spot you out from across the room and want to know more about you. Once you get to talking; you’ll find you have similar interests to discuss.

While he finds you exciting; he’ll not want to jump into anything and he may make you wait with intimacy. He wants to be sure that the woman he gets involved with has a possible future.

He’s also very particular which could make him seem harshly over critical at times. If you can get past this and see that he has a loving and lasting possibility; you’ll probably want to wait him out. He’ll be worth the wait sexually.

He wants to the one to pursue the relationship so while it’s ok to let him know you’re interested; let him go ahead and get things going at his own pace. It will help make him feel more secure.

If your Virgo man is still confusing you with his behavior, it’s time for you to take a very deep and detailed look into what’s going on in his mind.

Leo Woman And LIBRA MAN Compatibility…

This combination is quite interesting. You both have an ego that needs to be fed and you’re both willing to feed each other. This helps you to balance out quite nicely. He’s slow to start and wants to be a bit traditional.

You two have magnanimous conversation that keeps you two interested in each other. However; you’ll also feeds each other sensually once you finally become intimate with each other.

To make this wonderful connection last; you’ll both have to work at bending a bit to compromise. If it’s only one side doing it; the other side will fail then there will be balance lost.

It’s important for you two to keep a healthy line of communication open and make sure that you’re both pulling equal weight in the relationship. The Libra man is very much grounded and will keep you happy as long as you do the same for him.

Leo Woman And SCORPIO MAN Compatibility…

You two seem to really get each other in a way that no other signs do. You’re both intense in your own way but you complement each other very well. You both demand lots of attention and can easily give it to one another.

Sex between you is probably going to be very hot and passionate. Scorpio is one of the masters at giving you what you want in bed and in love. His emotions are very powerful and you feel his energy consuming you.

While this will be a very exciting match but you’ll probably find that you’ll want a little more freedom than he’s willing to give. He can have a possessive nature which may dampen your will.

To make this work, you both have to come to an agreement on your relationship and take turns on who takes charge, who supports, who makes the moves, and how to feel free while being together.

The Scorpio man is truly one of a kind…he can be yours…but only if you learn to fully understand him and Speak his language.

Leo Woman And SAGITTARIUS MAN Compatibility…

You will have a wonderful mental connection. He’s witty and remarkable and yet you’re able to keep up with him without too much effort. You’ll likely start out being friends and finding the things you like about one another.

When you decide to heat things up; it will be really hot! The intimacy between you two will really pick up the pace and become something special. This man is full of adventure and doesn’t mind taking some risks.

You could find yourself having adventures in and out of the bedroom with intimacy. Don’t be surprised if he tries to get you to go camping and having an outdoor romp or two.

He’s exciting and you really crave exciting. This could be a really amazing match for you. The only issue that may happen between you is his nature to be blunt and speak his mind. It could seem cold and brash to your sensitive ego.

Leo Woman And CAPRICORN MAN Compatibility…

Initially you two start out being physically drawn to each other. You’ll also intellectually connect. The connection may quickly fizzle out though as Capricorn will take things seriously.

He may feel you’re not taking it serious enough and will decide that you’re too “free” for him. He thinks of a relationship like he does about business. It’s all by the numbers and wants things to run smoothly.

If you find yourself in love with a Capricorn man; you’ll have to accept that he’s stubborn, he expects you to remain loyal, and will probably not want you to go off on adventures of your own.

While you may make amazing business partners; you may not make great lovers. He may be a bit harsh with you which will make you feel less than who you are. You’d be the one doing all the bending. This would take A LOT of work but it can be done.

Leo Woman And AQUARIUS MAN Compatibility…

This guy is likely to meet the criteria of what you’re looking for. His lifestyle is probably much like yours and you two can agree on many key points about what you want in a relationship.

In the bedroom; you’re likely to get along quite well. He’ll love your adoration and of course; he’ll do what he can to make sure you’re well pleased. So it’s a winning situation for you both.

You both enjoy adventure and so you aren’t likely to have boredom occur between you. This makes for a lasting connection.

The potential issues could revolve around you wanting him to stoke your gentle ego and he may find this to be taxing. He won’t pump you up and this will make you feel he doesn’t appreciate you.

However; the better your communication is; the better the compromise will be. If true love is there, anything is possible.

Leo Woman And PISCES MAN Compatibility…

You two are almost an opposite attraction. You are loving, social, and outgoing. Pisces is a bit more reserved and likes to spend time in small circles. However; he’s curious about what is going on in your mind.

He’s one to sit back and quietly observe you and where you are in the room. He isn’t one to be a big participant or want lots of attention unless it’s from you. Giving him time to make his choices will win you the reward of his devotion.

The intimacy will be quite warm and sensual. He doesn’t mind if you take charge but he will make sure that it’s a wonderful experience.

This man needs personal space in his head and sometimes if you talk too much or push your passion on him when he’s in his zone; he may see this as overbearing. This would be a bit of work but it could be a lasting relationship.

You’ve got some incredible selections to choose from here; Leo ladies. Keep in mind that these are sun signs only and there are other facets to each person that need to be considered.

While some of this holds true; there could be more or there could be less as everyone has their own quirks and special talents.

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