Taurus (April 21st-May 21st) is the 2nd sign in the Zodiac represented by the bull. Tauruses are dependable but stubborn.

They don’t like disruptions, and though they can be patient with others to a point, will hold grudges as well.

If you just picked a fight with a Taurus and want a sure-fire way to win him or her back, you will need to understand the Taurus personality, prepare an apology, apologize effectively and take action.

Part. 1 Understanding Taurus

1. Appreciate Taurus’s positive traits

Tauruses have many positive traits and make trusted friends, family members, managers and employees. They are independent financially and emotionally and love stability, so you can always count on a Taurus.

They can also be very generous, down-to-earth people who love to entertain and enjoy the finer things in life, such as art, music and fine cuisine.

Tauruses are incredibly dependable, and this is a hallmark of their sign. They have a strong sense of duty and will always get the job done. They also thrive on feeling secure, and material objects bring them comfort.

Tauruses do have a gentle side as well. They are patient and can be very loving people.

Tauruses are persistent and will work very hard to get what they want. Obstacles, failures or setbacks do not discourage them.

2. Recognize Taurus’s negative side

There are a lot of good things about the Taurus personality, but people with this sign also carry many negative traits that can be difficult to deal with.

In order to understand how to approach a Taurus, you need to know where problems could arise. Tauruses can be stubborn, inflexible, self-indulgent, lazy, materialistic and possessive.

One of the most familiar characteristics of this sign is stubbornness. It is what helps keep Tauruses steady in life and achieve their goals.

Tauruses do not like changing their minds. Know that when a Taurus doesn’t like the points you are making in your argument, he or she may just refuse to listen to you.

Tauruses love to indulge in pleasurable and materialistic luxuries. Because of this, they can come across as lazy and unmotivated. You must give them a good reason to step out of their comfort zone.

People born under the Taurus sign can be very attached to people and things, so they may become possessive, resentful or jealous easily.

Tauruses may not seem like they have a temper but they do. Always be wary of messing with the bull sign. If you do, steer clear until that temper subsides.

3. Get familiar with the way Tauruses love

Venus, the Goddess of Love, is Taurus’s ruling planet. For this reason, Tauruses seek love for fulfillment and are rarely cynical about it.

However, Tauruses do not make the most romantic partners because they value logic, facts and reality over emotions and other abstracts. Their approach to love can be raw, dogged and physical.

Tauruses possessive nature can make their partners feel as if they are being controlled instead of truly loved. Tauruses need to be reminded that lovers must be treated with dignity and respect.

When a Taurus is pursuing a lover, he or she can be resolute and unwavering. Tauruses will play the waiting game far longer than almost any other sign to get what they want.

This can be a bad thing, though, if the one they are pursuing isn’t interested. Make sure a Taurus understands what you do and don’t want out of a relationship.

It may be difficult to compromise with Tauruses in relationships. They must be encouraged to ask questions and come to a mutual agreement instead of deciding things on their own.

4. Recognize how Tauruses communicate

Tauruses are knowledgeable and articulate people. They are not passive-aggressive types who are afraid to tell you what they think.

If you are wrong about something, a Taurus will let you know. Sometimes, this disapproval can sting quite a bit because they tend not to think about how what they say makes you feel.

Tauruses may come across as bossy because of their critical eye and attention to detail. They rarely refrain from telling you how they think you should do things.

The best thing you can do is not take this personally because the Taurus in your life is only trying to make everything perfect for both of you.

5. Understand the Taurus sign and arguments

People who fall under the Taurus sign are usually easy-going and laid back unless someone crosses the line or pushes their buttons.

If you challenge a Taurus, be prepared for a lengthy conflict. A Taurus man or woman will argue obstinately, determined to make you agree with him or her.

You will then see the legendary Taurus stubbornness firsthand, and while a Taurus will seem unmoved by the cruel words he or she says, these words can be deeply hurtful to you.

Be careful when mentioning when a Taurus does something wrong. Though these people have no qualms about telling you when there’s a problem with you, they are sensitive to anything that threatens their pride.

They will avoid facing others when they make a mistake, and often attempt to apologize too late. This can push people away and even make enemies.

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