A compelling new interest might have caught your attention. Leo could have trouble thinking of anything else. It might make sense to explore the best ways to do this, Leo. Intuition is a powerful tool that enhances your ability to study in depth. Reading could prove very beneficial now. You could also benefit from workshops and classes. You can find what is most effective for you.

All this sheltering may have triggered your nesting instinct or reinvigorated it. This is a good reminder to pay attention to your instinct and make sure that you create a nurturing and comfortable environment in your home. You probably already have everything you need for a delicious dinner. It should be a relaxing, soothing and nurturing night that is good for your health.

The energy is attracting you to someone with a sense of mystery. You will feel an insatiable urge to find out more, as you don’t want to accept any explanations. You must first get to the heart of this person, which could prove more challenging than you think.

“Going after a dream has a price. It may mean abandoning our habits, it may make us go through hardships, or it may lead us to disappointment. But however costly, it is never as high as the price paid by people who live in his/her comfort zone.”

Lucky color– White, brown, and yellow

Lucky number– 3, 5 and 8

Lucky alphabet you will be in sync with– M, O, and E

Cosmic tip– Do whatever it takes to achieve what you have envisioned for yourself.

Tip for Singles– Explore what you need, there is nothing wrong with making mistakes. Go on blind dates.

Tip for Couples– Definitely communication is one of the most important factors however to have proper communication one needs to be a good listener.

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