You might feel lost, Leo. Take a deep breath, slow down and take your time. You will be unable to focus if you are frantic. You are constantly moving your heart and mind in different directions. Try to calm down. Do not feel pressured to find a solution. You will frustrate yourself and lose your time trying to find the right solution.

Today may bring about a change in how you feel about your ability to focus and follow a healthy routine. Although celestial energies can increase your sense of emotions, it is possible to feel ambivalent. It is easy to abandon a practice if you don’t receive an answer immediately. But this would be foolish now. If you did yoga yesterday, great! You can do it again today. Do it again today if this is your first time working out in a while.

This day is more harmonious for all types of relationships. This day’s planet energy suggests that people feel open and are willing to have a conversation. It is easy to share your heart and have great conversations. If possible, it’s worth having a little party.

“I’ve always looked after myself. That’s why I dress myself, that’s why I speak for myself, and that’s why I remain myself. I’m quite willing to fuck things up for myself but I’m not going to have some cunt do it for me.”

Colors of the day: Cyan, Pink

Lucky Numbers of the day: 2, 5, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: B, K, O

Cosmic Tip: Trust the process.

Tips for Singles: Stop searching for love, and let love find you.

Tips for Couples: Stop going to bed mad at each other, resolve the issue.

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