Today, you might embark on a long-desired project, either personal or work-related. It will guide you towards your goal. Avoid being overly critical of yourself. View your work as you would someone else’s.

Today calls for a holistic approach to health. Yoga or Pilates can bring balance to your body and mind. Also, focus on maintaining good posture throughout the day.

An innocent event might be blown out of proportion by a loved one today. Despite no clear cause, they might question your loyalty. Address this misunderstanding to have a peaceful day.

“Second chances are miracles in disguise. Life is constantly offering you second chances, so don’t make the mistake of taking them for granted.”

Colors of the day : Black, Burlywood
Lucky Numbers of the day : 5, 6, 9
Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with : G, U, H
Cosmic Tip : Use Venus, the planet of love, to amplify your loving vibrations.
Tips for Singles : Take breaks from situations if they become overwhelming.
Tips for Couples : When the going gets tough, order in and binge-watch.

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