Dear Leo, today is a great day to explore and reinvent your creative side. Your ability to upcycle things will give you joy. Hence, you should invest some of your time in this and do some crafts. You can paint and play with colors. It will unleash your playful side and give you some time off from all the hustling of making a better life. The best trait about your personality is your ability to blend in and meet new people, and you must not stop doing that.

Today, your health is seeming to improve. You will feel energized and productive. It will motivate you to meet your fitness goals. Today, you are likely to beat your high score when it comes to keeping track of your footsteps. Running to complete daily chores will add up to your workout session. Your mantra for the day will be to feel good and utilize the boost in energy in a more productive way. Sweat it out and set your goals.

You are a hopeless romantic when it comes to expressing emotions. Today, your playful side will make you reveal this side to someone whom you adore or to your partner. Your ability to sweep them off their feet with your words and charm will make it a romantically memorable day. Some might say it is PDA, but a little display of affection is not harmful to anyone. Rather, it is sweet.

Today’s Quote: “Free up that heart of yours; Make room for new mistakes; Newfound hurts; Newfound wisdom; There are life-changing moments; just waiting for you to make a path, to move beyond your comfort zone, new moments, longing to share the stage with that heart of yours.”

Colors of the day: Deep Green, Yellow, Red

Lucky Numbers of the day: 3, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: G, S

Cosmic tip: Acknowledge and be grateful for the beautiful things that you already have.

Tips for Singles: You might get jealous seeing your committed friends, but it won’t make you feel better.

Tips for Couples: A romantic getaway or a date can put the cherry on top of your relationship.

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