It may be hard for you to accept that you cannot do all things, Leo. You may not be suited for certain jobs. It’s not worth pretending when you can delegate this task to another person. Don’t try to force someone or something you are not connected with. You and others will be frustrated if you pretend you can do something.

The current planetary alignment will have a significant impact on the next six months. You can decide who you are and how your life will unfold in the coming weeks by what you do now. But don’t worry. Simply pay attention to the important things and don’t ignore what really matters. It’s easy to put your priorities first, like health, work, and relationships.

Paranoia could be rampant today. There is a feeling that there may be something more to this world than what seems obvious. This must be addressed immediately by both you and your honey. Talking can help relieve tension, and allow you both to be honest about what’s really happening. This may make it easier.

“The best kind of love changes you. It teaches you and grows you. The best kind of love cannot be lost, it cannot be forgotten. It will always exist within you.”

Colors of the day: Yellow, Green

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4, 7, 2

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: S, R

Cosmic Tip: Let your intuition take the steering wheel as it is the Universe guiding your intuition.

Tips for Singles: Do not be afraid to approach that special someone.

Tips for Couples: Let your loved one help move on from the mistakes you made in the past.

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