According to your daily Leo horoscope of the day, you will find out that someone close to you has betrayed your confidence and this will pain you deep. You considered them close friends and had revealed to them a number of things that you would not have told anyone else. But they were never your friend and always stuck to you because they found you useful.

Physically, you find yourself letting your body go. This simply means that you have not been taking good care of your health as you would have because, on the mental level, you find yourself feeling quite ill and low. You wish that you can get over how you feel, but this is troubling you for a number of days and today, you find yourself taking the worst hit.

On emotional level, you find yourself to be completely heartbroken with the betrayal you faced because of an individual whom you considered closer than a friend. They earned your trust and broke it within seconds, and this has caused you a lot of hurt and despair today. You need to allow yourself to feel the emotions instead of suppressing them because you will not be able to heal otherwise.

Please do not break your heart over the withering of a dream you once held, that never became yours! After all, the shattered dream could have very well been a nightmare and not a dream at all, you wouldn’t really know because you didn’t have it yet! Let the sparks fade, let the flame dim and die, you’ll never know it wasn’t poison.”

Colors of the day: Yellow, White

Lucky Numbers of the day: 3, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: H, N

Cosmic Tip: Stop preaching to others when you do not follow your own advice.

Tips for Singles – Carve the path you would like to follow.

Tips for Couples – Be the bigger person in today’s fight.

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