You find yourself being cranky and ignored which will have you lashing out at your close friends and family. You like giving the benefit of doubt to everyone even when you know for a fact that they are wrong. You would rather prefer having to cut them off than deal with them. You do not have to deal with anyone you would not deal with or advise your close friend not to deal with.

Listen to your body. Start exercising and eating healthy. You tend to eat unhealthy food whenever you are stressed, and you are almost always stressed. Choose healthier alternatives to snack on rather than choosing unhealthy options and this will help you feel more energetic. Moreover, you need to start working out to be healthy and fit because you are not getting any younger, considering the work pressure and stress involved.

You are slightly more emotional than usual today and you have no idea why. You feel more sensitive, and you may also end up fighting with your partner. You feel confused and lost and feel the need to be calm. Meditating and practicing yoga helps in calming your mind which is what will do. Listen to your heart, instead of being confused between what you should do and what you want to do.

“Letting go meant you accepted what couldn’t be changed. You didn’t try to hold on to hope in order to coerce a change in fortune…nor did you battle against superior forces of fate and try to make them capitulate to your will…nor did you beg for salvation because you assumed you knew better. Letting go meant you stared at what was before you with clear eyes, recognizing that unfettered choice was the exception and destiny the rule.”

Colors of the day: Gold, Green

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: F, V

Cosmic Tip: Explore new opportunities that come your way.

Tips for Singles – Dare to pursue your dreams.

Tips for Couples – Explore the cafes nearby and go on dates.

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