While romance is a popular topic today, it is possible you are having difficulty expressing your emotions. The scene is full of power and passion. It’s possible to feel a little bit overwhelmed by the current situation.

Your body is likely to remain silent from time to time. You will have to stick to a consistent routine that doesn’t change with each new thought that pops into your head. You can think of your body as a job when you are looking for motivation. A successful candidate will be able to exercise three times per week. This can help to keep your focus when you are feeling distracted or confused.

Love and romance can have hidden secrets. You and your partner may not distrust each other, but you might be more susceptible to suspicions that are unlikely to have any basis. Instead of getting into a heated argument, you can talk to each other and transform an extremely delicate situation. It will all be fine.

“it’s actually really important to realize that not only is recovery trying to be happy, is accepting when you aren’t. you can not be perfect and happy all the time, but you can deal with negative feelings in a healthy way and move forward. every day is a fresh start.”

Colors of the day: Lime Green, Blue

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: R, K

Cosmic Tip: Live, not survive.

Tips for Singles: Make sure that you are well placed in life before hunting down for a partner.

Tips for Couples: Make sure that you have an open channel of communication.

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