You are close to a crucial finish line. Don’t give up. Now is the right time to get going faster than ever before. While your emotions might seem out of control, they may merge with some of your most vivid fantasies. Keep your eyes forward and not behind. After you cross the finish line, it is possible to change your course.

Today’s focus could be on the area of the throat, which is often sensitive to current transit. Astragalus and echinacea are homeopathic remedies that can help a sore throat. Your body will not allow you to talk if your throat hurts. It can lead to emotional distress and internalization. This condition can be treated by cleansing your lymphatic system.

Perhaps romance is too strong a word to describe current events. You may find yourself obsessed with your partner, while you might be alone the next. You may feel erratic in your emotions. You may not have much to do except express your feelings and allow your partner some room.

“We get caught up in what our friends are liking, who our significant others are following, and at the end of the day this not only ruins our lives, but it also ruins us. It creates within us this need to feel important, and in many cases we often put others down to achieve that.”

Colors of the day: Orange, Light Blue

Lucky Numbers of the day: 5, 2

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: M, H

Cosmic Tip: Just know, that you are enough!!

Tips for Singles: Be your natural self and don’t try too hard.

Tips for Couples: Prioritizing your preferences will definitely resolve your issues.

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