Leo, today is not a time to sit around and complain. Move on from the past. Take advantage of opportunities and get your engines revving. Focus on what is in front of your face and stop looking back at the things that are behind. It’s a great day to crank up the heat, and get started on new adventures. You are the star of your own action film.

Today’s celestial environment awakens our fiery nature. You will be running or going to the gym to take advantage of this energy. You should keep your activities varied according to the planetary configuration. You can make the most of high energy, but you must not let it get out of control.

This day can make you feel isolated and disconnected from your partner. You may feel unlovable at some point due to the planetary lineup. Although it may not be permanent, the planetary lineup can highlight any attitude problems you might have. While you may be tempted to cover your feelings, it is better to just express how you feel. It will help bridge the divide.

“You are not your darkness. You are not your pain. You are not the part of you that finds it hard to get out of bed in the morning—but the part that does it anyway. You are the pieces of a heart that’s been broken, but managed to survive. You are vast bells ringing. You are the universe dreaming. You are the transforming.”

Colors of the day: Magenta, Purple

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: G, M

Cosmic Tip: There is nothing wrong to be a homebody at times.

Tips for Singles: Family and friends will be your company for the day.

Tips for Couples: Communicating your feelings and emotions will bring you and your partner closer.

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