Leo, things are likely to stay very good for you today. Even if your heart wants to fly into the sky, you’ll discover that there’s a steady side of the equation trying to put things in perspective. You may want to think about making a bigger commitment to someone you care about. You’re of sound mind to do so right now. You can begin a new project or make any significant move in your life today.

If you need assistance at work or home, today is an excellent day to request it. Others are more than ready to assist you. If you’ve been ignoring your personal needs recently, take the opportunity to find child care or take a break from work to do something for yourself. This might be going for a walk or jumping on the treadmill to get your heart rate up (always essential!), or it could be doing some online shopping for the little items that have been on your list for far too long.

You have a knack for solving difficulties and getting over roadblocks. Someone close to you is in urgent need of your advice, and they respect your honesty and viewpoint. You have excellent analytical skills. You strike a nice balance between reasoning and passion. Choose a loved one with all you’ve got. Assist them in escaping their precarious situation. Do not let them down. Be there for them when they need you the most.

“When we stop blaming the darkness, or ourselves, for having been walking in it, and decide, instead, to thank the Light for showing us the truth of our actual estate… then we turn the corner in our work to awaken conscience.”

Lucky Color: Mustard Yellow

Lucky Number: 8, 7, 4

Lucky Alphabets: K, M, V

Cosmic tip: Embrace the change and keep moving ahead.

Tips for singles: Love comes when you are least expecting.

Tips for couples: Hold it together, it is vulnerable.

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