A huge force gathers now in order to make an important statement, Leo. This type of movement unites people and brings together generations. Think globally, and forget about the small issues. Learn more about the current world, and then take an aggressive stand for your beliefs. One small group of smart people can have a considerable impact.

Today is the day you can be in touch with your most essential emotions. Instead of focusing your energy on releasing it, you might try to create affection. To feel at your best, you need to have plenty of love in your life. If words are not enough, give yourself permission to speak your mind and affect others positively. Your economy is special to you. You can feel connected to the world by donating your money or time to help those in need.

Today’s astral configuration indicates that you can make amends after adversity. This may be not easy at first, but if you want your relationship to last, this is the right time. You are ready to discuss important issues. Celebrate when you are able to move on from the past.

“Do not let the memories of your past limit the potential of your future. There are no limits to what you can achieve on your journey through life, except in your mind.”

Colors of the day: Lilac, Blue

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4, 5

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: K, S

Cosmic Tip: Let things happen without you steering.

Tips for Singles: Think about yourself, Cupid will smile at you soon.

Tips for Couples: Do not keep anything hidden from each other.

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