Certain tendencies could emerge but if they are negative ones, you should try and keep them in control. You should be more expressive and not limit your words.

Also, be more aware of things, you seem to lack attention to. Opportunities are to come today but make sure you make good use of them and not let them pass by. Look at things with a more positive perspective.

You seem to be full of energy today, try to vitalize that energy into more positive things. Try some new exercise today to release some of that energy.

If you plan on joining the gym, now is the best time for you to take that up. Running also could result in some good health for you. Stay away from junk and instead indulge yourself in good food like fruits and vegetables.

You seem to be doing great but there is a chance you could do better with a head start coming your way. Transitions are always great but make sure you take the correct decision. Do not let others at work take advantage of you.

Always know your capabilities and limits and act according to them. You seem to get overwhelmed a lot due to some minor achievements, which is always good but don’t let that carry you away from your main goal.

Today’s Quote: “You are just as you are supposed to be. You are perfect even amongst all of your imperfections. As long as you maintain a thirst for life, a desire to work hard and live truthfully, and the willpower to grow and to improve yourself and to try harder every day, you are just as you should be.”

Colors of the day – Golden and Sky Blue

Lucky Numbers of the day – 4 and 7

Alphabets you will be in sync with – E and F

Cosmic Tip – Surround yourself with positive vibes.

Tip for Singles – Do not rush into love, get to know the person first.

Tip for Couples – Spice up your lives a little with a bit of romance.

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