Today you will be full of heart-warming emotions. This day is all about deep care and love. Your bonds and trust will strengthen today. You will come closer to your loved ones and understand how much they matter to you.

You might have taken their love and care for granted in the past but now you have realized their importance. It is time for some cost hugs and kisses.

Some circumstances will arise today that will be beyond your control but will make you have a heated argument with your friend or even your co-workers. You need to understand that it is your ego that enrages you in uncontrollable situations and fights with those who are important to you.

Sometimes you can be right about your point but there is a way to put that and arguing is not the one.

You find yourself to be at an emotional low. While you cannot exactly pinpoint the cause of why you feel that way or what caused you to feel that way, but you know for a fact that this is only temporary and you will feel better within the company of your friends.

You have to start taking better care of your mental health and make sure that you are doing good.

You will feel many things today. Your moods will vary but your day will end well. And how it ends matters! Your mental health will experience changes but you will carry yourself through it.

Do take out time for things that make you happy. Go have that hot cup of tea and enjoy your me-time. You will have plenty of time to sort out your thoughts if you are worried about something.

You tend to let your emotions take over you and not the other way around. You should learn to control them and exhibit your emotions when needed. If you feel like seeking an escape from things around you that are dragging you down, now would be a great time to act on that.

You may be surprised by the emotions shown towards you by a loved one. It is okay to let out tears at times, it will only make you stronger.

You are going to be in a good mood during the first half of the day. You will receive compliments. You will feel secure and grateful around your friends. But you may end up arguing with your parents about something which could be a mood-changing trigger.

You can treat yourself to some hobby time to bring your calm mind back. For couples, you will have a great time and may receive surprises from your partner.

You will be happy throughout the day. You will find happiness in little things and would be kind to your co-workers. You will enjoy your company. Try to learn a new musical instrument if you want.

Hobbies help you bring out the creative side. These can help you find your true passion. Today is a good day to initiate something. Your good mood will lead to a sound sleep at night.

You will finally confess your attraction to the person you like, according to the daily Scorpio horoscope of the day. You are not sure how they will accept the news, but confessing it will finally help you relieve the weight you have felt on your shoulders.

Do not feel guilty about how you feel but be happy that you have finally spoken about what you feel for this individual.

Your emotions seem to be at an all-time high today so avoid any situations which can be emotionally exhaustive on you. You may be feeling loved by someone today, so make sure to reciprocate the same feeling towards them.

You are taking good care of your mental health and the signs are visible, both in your personal as well as your professional life. Smiling more often is the epitome of happiness.

Today will be a pleasant day. You will be relaxed and worry-free. Meet up with old friends will get you into the feeling of support. Some of you may feel low due to extreme workload but if you focus on the little things that make you happy, you will get through the stress easily.

Couples will get to spend quality time together and the thought of huge decisions may strike their mind.

A feeling of dissatisfaction will roam in your mind today. You might get dissatisfied with everything you do or see even if it is good. You need to sit down and talk to yourself alone.

Your mind has been occupied with a lot of things lately and it is not letting you see the good things. You need to declutter your mind today and make your mind healthy again.

Dear Pisces, always attend to your emotions and do not leave them in the dark. As a Water sign, you are very susceptible to mood swings. Today some news might alter your pleasant mood into an unpleasant one that will bother and irritate you throughout the day.

When shifts like this occur in your mood, take a deep breath, and instead of reacting immediately, try to calmly respond.

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