Seize that competitive edge, Leo! This month finds you in a hyper-focused mode—and you’re in it to win it. With the Sun in Pisces and your intense, private eighth house until March 20, tunnel vision might just be your superpower. Burrow into your cocoon and give something (or someone!) your undivided attention.

With bold Mars in Taurus and your career-driven tenth house until March 31, your sights are set on ambitious #goals. And if they’re not, refocus! The red planet only comes here every two years, and as it blazes through the top of your chart, your professional path becomes a heat zone. Make swift and strategic moves. Leverage the most well-connected contacts in your circle. Prioritize and pounce!

But the bigger news around career happens on March 6, when pioneering Uranus, the planet of radical change and innovation, starts an eight-year adventure in Taurus , shaking up your future-oriented tenth house until April 2026. Uranus was here from May 15 to November 6 for a brief preview. Now it settles in for the long haul. Its last trip through Taurus ended in 1942, so for most Leos, this is a once-in-a-lifetime professional phase that could radically re-route your whole trajectory.

Do you feel like you’re making enough of a difference in the world? If not, Uranus in Taurus may prompt you to take a more progressive path. The tricky part, at least in the beginning, will be gaining traction or making linear steps in a set direction. You see, Uranus is the planet of sudden changes, but the tenth house likes to stick to a rigorous, structured plan.

There could be curveballs to field, such as company restructuring, management changes and technology shifts that redefine the scope of your whole job. On top of that, Uranus is in “fall” in Taurus, meaning it’s the least comfortable place for this planet to reside.

Knowing that, you can plan ahead and be flexible—then let trailblazing Uranus fuel your ascent! If you remain authentic and willing to try new approaches, the next eight years could boost you to #boss status. You could become known as an incredible thought leader, especially with out-of-the-box ideas that improve society or inspire people to become changemakers. That could happen through a signature project, a cutting-edge program or by taking a humanitarian approach that addresses a widespread societal issue.

One friend of ours, a Cancerian, is just finishing this Uranus cycle and prepping to pass the torch to the Leos. A fashion and beauty photographer by trade, she has a passion for ending animal cruelty. While Uranus was in her tenth house, she developed her own line of cruelty-free vegan lipsticks, researching, perfecting and even learning how to hand-pour them.

At the very end of this Uranus cycle, she got word that her lipsticks would be carried by a major retailer in their cutting-edge pop-up shop. That’s the kind of impact Uranus in your career zone could have in the years to come, Leo—so don’t dismiss your big ideas. Develop them!

The March 6 Pisces new moon—the only one this year—will set off a six-month growth cycle for your closest ties and key projects you’re developing. Is it time to take a decisive step or make a more binding commitment? The eighth house rules everything from intimacy to shared financial matters, but the keyword of this house is “investment.” Whatever you pour your time and energy into will deliver returns, even if that means finally knowing where you stand in a relationship or career venture.

There’s a wrinkle in this plan, however. From March 5 to 28, Mercury—the planet ruling communication, travel and technology—will be retrograde retrograde in Pisces and this intricate zone of your chart. Before you sign on to something permanent or long-lasting, conduct an extra round of due diligence, Leo.

During Mercury retrograde, key details could be obscured. Keep an eye on your funds, especially anything electronically processed, and strengthen your passwords to ward off identity theft. If you’re shopping for new gadgets or appliances, do some Consumer Reports-level research before you buy—and if possible, wait until after the retrograde.

Most astrologers caution against signing contracts when Mercury’s askew. If you can hold off, especially if it’s related to real estate or a loan, delay until the end of March. Otherwise, go over everything with a fine-toothed comb (and get professional legal guidance where appropriate).

Since retrogrades bring back the past, this one could herald anything from an ex-flame returning to an unresolved financial matter, such as a debt or tax payment. (Unclaimed funds or money owed to you might also come through—yay!) Warning: This retrograde could prompt a visit from the emerald-eyed monster. Old trust issues and jealousy can flare when Mercury trolls your hyper-alert eighth house. Suddenly, a love interest’s or colleague’s every move becomes cause for suspicion and side-eye.

Are they really trying to steal your metaphorical queen, or is signal-scrambling Mercury just making life feel like a chessboard here? Scope it out to be sure nobody’s planning a Game of Thrones-worthy coup (and watch your own plotting and scheming while you’re at it). TBH, it wouldn’t hurt for most Leos to be a teensy bit less open-hearted and trusting in humans’ inherent good nature. Hey, even “good” people can do bad things when they’re desperate or stuck in a scarcity mindset. Be a bit more discerning about who passes the Leo litmus test!

You can pull yourself out of tunnel vision starting March 20, when the Sun enters Aries and your optimistic, adventurous ninth house, turning your focus to the big picture. Whatever you were obsessing about will suddenly seem less do-or-die. As your fixated spell wears off, you’ll see a world of new (and probably much better) options.

No? Get out and change the channel. With el Sol in your globetrotting ninth house, it’s time to use a few vacation days or get busy planning a bucket-list trip. Can’t get away? Expand your horizons with a personal-development workshop. Start sketching the outline of an indie business venture or drafting a killer Facebook post that could be the inspo for your own blog.

The urge to communicate is amplified by the Libra full supermoon, which also arrives on March 20. As this full moon ignites your third house of communication, you could spend the day engaged in dynamic dialogue, heated text exchanges and jaw-dropping news. If Mercury retrograde brought some offers to the table, get busy negotiating the best possible terms. Your relationship with a sibling or close friend may need some TLC—or a chunk of time to clear the air.

Practice the mirroring technique, where you listen without interrupting, then repeat back what you think you heard the other person say. This can be especially helpful if you’ve been at odds recently. An answer you’ve been waiting for could finally come through. Anything involving teaching, writing, media or local events will be a heat zone.

And if it IS time to take action on a career matter, you’ll have the gift of impeccable timing, thanks to a razor-sharp trine between fearless Mars in your leadership zone and calculating Pluto in your precise sixth house. Stay alert, Leo—there will be that ONE moment when the universe extends an invitation, and you won’t want to hesitate.

Yes, we know that sounds dramatic, and in truth, you’ll feel this Mars-Pluto trine for a few days. So let’s say “moments” (plural), with the caveat that you don’t want to be daydreaming or checking your Instagram feed when opportunity walks into the elevator or cuts in front of you at the coffee shop.

Your golden ticket might come in a disguise: If a person you look up to offers the chance to shadow them but the payoff will be mentorship and not a fat salary, think ahead. Will you be wasting your time in a thankless role…or solidifying a priceless connection that could benefit you both for years? This trine is a bit of a prism, so you might not recognize the gold standing right in front of you. Sharpen your wits for the win!

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