Dear Leo, you will have the strength to overcome your weaknesses this week. You will be confident about yourself and will face difficult situations with courage and valor. Negativity around you will not be able to affect you. You will be in a good position, financially and emotionally to achieve your ambitions. You will have a cordial relationship with your family. However, things with your partner will be a little stiff.

You will enjoy good health at the beginning of the week, dear Leo. You will be very energetic and will spend a good amount of time on health and fitness. You will take proper care of yourself and will adopt healthy habits to remain fit as a fiddle. Your physique will be appreciated by a lot of people. Chanting some prayers and mantras will do the same for your mental health as exercise does for your body.

This will be a good week for you, financially and professionally, dear Leo. You will be able to recover your lost money early in the week. It will give a big and unexpected boost to your savings. You will take on some new and important projects at work which will make you quite busy. But the case with you is that you can work better under pressure. Now that there is pressure on you to work, you will give your best to it.

You will feel more confident this week than you have ever felt your whole life, dear Leo. Negativity will not cross paths with you this week. You will be jovial and enthusiastic. You will be appreciated by your colleagues and friends for your energy which will fill you with immense pleasure. You will be very happy and always relish these confident and happy moments.

This week will be pretty amazing for you on the travel front, dear Leo. You will plan a weekend trip with your friends. You will collectively decide the destination over drinks which will be an interesting discussion in itself. Talking about the old memories will fill your heart with sorrow and happiness at the same time. You will also go on a family outing which you will avoid going to, initially but will later go with them and have fun.

Colors of the week: Yellow, Brown

Lucky numbers of the week: 5, 7

Alphabets you will be in sync with: D, K, M

Cosmic tip: Confidence is good but does not ruin your life by making wrong decisions in overconfidence.

Tip for singles: You can achieve everything you want if you put your whole mind and energy into it.

Tip for couples: Talking is the sweet medicine to cure all your relationship problems.

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