According to your weekly Leo horoscope, you find your week to be busy and chaotic. People who know you will be impressed with your ability to get out of sticky situations and solve problems with such ease. You find yourself wanting to enjoy a quiet holiday with your family and close ones. This week will be one of the most productive weeks you have had in a while.

You have always made sure that health was a priority of yours and this is why you will be spending most of your week busy cooking healthy meals for yourself and making sure that you get enough exercise. You also have to make sure that you do not overstrain yourself especially because you tend to enjoy physically straining activities and you may overdo it.

According to your Leo weekly horoscope, you will find yourself to be distracted this week, especially with tasks that are coming your way. You will also be in charge of an especially difficult and tiring client, and you will find this clientele of yours dancing on the last of your nerves. Be calm and try your best to please the client no matter how outrageous their demands are.

According to your weekly Leo horoscope, you find yourself rubbed emotionally raw. There were a few instances that involved you having to face the traumas you experienced in the past and this did not help your mental health. It would be advised that you seek professional help or at least talk about how you feel and about the situations that you faced with someone you trust and you are close to.

Travel has been on your cards for quite some time now and you wish that you made more time for your close ones. According to your Leo weekly horoscope, you will be taking a short trip with your family and friends because you have missed them. You need to stop thinking about work and the commitments you have made and start living in the moment.

Colors of the week: White, Red

Lucky Numbers of the week: 1, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: R, O

Cosmic Tip: Utilize your stubbornness for accomplishing your goals.

Tips for Singles – Fall in love with yourself before trying to search for a partner.

Tips for Couples – Go on dates to rekindle your love.

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