Wednesday, March 13, could dial up your competitive spirit without your even realizing what’s happening, Leo. It may feel like a business-as-usual kind of day when, out of the blue, someone says or does something that makes you snap.

Blame an uneasy alignment of your ruler, the ego-directed Sun, in moody Pisces and your eighth house of intense emotions and super-sizer Jupiter in your flirty and flamboyant fifth house of self-expression. But stop long enough to get clarity on what’s really going on here.

Life is not a zero-sum game, Lion. When somebody else scores big on one front, that doesn’t diminish your standing. If anything, let others’ successes inspire you to work even harder!

A rising tide really can lift all boats, so be happy for your friends (and even those you consider rivals). If their talents motivate you to put in even more effort, then you’re the winner any way you look at it.

The eighth house also rules your intimate life, and with the Sun revving its engines here for another week, you’ll be on the prowl. Whether you’re single or spoken for, you can get more of your erotic needs met by letting your lover know exactly what your desires are.

But watch how you “share,” Leo. Make this about what would make you really happy, not about where someone else is falling short. And remember to ask about returning the favor!

Duty calls on Thursday as an odd-couple mashup of impatient Mars in Taurus and methodical Saturn fires up your career houses. You’ll be eager to dive into something, but you may not be the one calling the shots (grrr), which could force you to sit tight. And that might not be the easiest trick to pull off since unbridled Mars is dying to charge ahead.

You’ve got a clear vision of what you want to accomplish—and the confidence to pull it off—and yet, you have to wait for a green light from on high or someone else to officially get on-board.

This frustrating situation will be history by next week, but until then, it’s on you to find a way to productively distract and redirect yourself.

However “locked down” you think your contribution is, see if there’s a little more data you can uncover or any additional background-checking or research-gathering that can be done so that when the checkered flag is finally waved, you won’t have to even tap the brakes.

Or, since Saturn is tugging on the reins from your wellness zone, perhaps you can use this slowdown as an excuse to book a massage or some other healing or beauty appointment you haven’t had time for lately. Afternoon spa day: Why not?

Friday’s stars bring another opportunity to open mouth and insert UGG, but not if you stay alert! With Mercury retrograde in your emo zone squaring off with inflammable Jupiter, don’t take the bait.

What this one-day transit IS good for: Letting your crush or bae know exactly how you feel and how much you appreciate them. Good things come to those who are kind and generous for no reason!

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