There will be a sizzle on plenty more than your tempeh steak this Monday, November 26, when the confident Sun merges with bottomless Jupiter in Sagittarius and your lusty fifth house. (Not for nothing, this is the natural chart sector ruled by your swaggering sign!)

Set your sights on a romantic or creative goal and don’t let up on the gas till you’re there. This is a day to take a calculated risk and make a bold move toward the object of your affection.

People—and one in particular—will be drawn to your charisma and magnetic powers like moths to a flame. As long as you’re clear about your intentions and what you have to offer, there’s no reason NOT to pursue this.

If it’s a love interest, don’t be shy about revealing your feelings (or desires). The right person will find that sexy. No one on the romantic radar screen?

Glam up and hit a few venues where you’re likely to meet some eligible types. You won’t have to do much to catch their eye, so keep it light: The expansive Jupiter energy could cloud your better judgment.

Of course, if you meet someone you immediately vibe with, pursue with intention. Flirting, teasing and getting to know each other is all part of the fun, but you don’t want to play actual head games.

Speaking your truth is one thing—and an important one at that! But unleashing a rant or saying things just to shock people is below your pay grade, Leo.

On Friday, normally discreet Venus—in diplomatic Libra and your communication sector—swings into a feisty opposition with wild card Uranus in your outspoken ninth house.

Do you have a legit message to share, are you hoping to shake up the status quo, or are you just trying to get noticed?

If your aim is to call attention to an injustice or inappropriate behavior, then be direct about it. The squeaky wheel WILL get the grease, but you don’t want to earn a reputation as a snarky attention-getter.

Everything from your personal style to your Pinterest boards may undergo a makeover starting this Sunday as creative director Venus decamps to passionate Scorpio and your internally focused fourth house until January 7.

You had a sneak preview of this during the fashionista planet’s earlier visit from September 9 to October 31, and now you have a chance to take some next steps.

With your personal space activated during this intensifying transit, you’ll be less interested in superficial items than lasting shifts.

At home, a few new sofa cushions won’t do the trick. You may be checking to see which walls are structural and which you can knock down.

Leos who’ve been pondering a relocation might get serious about going to open houses or contacting a Realtor.

But since Mercury is retrograding back into Scorpio before turning direct on December 6, take your time and don’t do anything so rash you can’t undo it if necessary.

And because the fourth house rules not just home but family, be sure to build in plenty of quality time for your inner circle, especially the important chicas in your life.

Couples will enjoy playing house and nesting more than ever. If your relationship is just gaining momentum, give it a little nudge to see how open your partner is to some of your suggestions.

/Based On Materials From: TheAstroTwins

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