Especially welcome after mental ups and downs, Mercury and Neptune form a sextile today, dear Libra, and there’s good energy available for wrapping your mind around a mystery or other mental activity that is both enjoyable and absorbing.

Alternatively, relaxing your mind can take another form altogether now, but the result is the same — you’re in good shape for seeing a new side of a situation.

You’re in an excellent position to excel with anything that requires imagination or that can benefit from a step back from hard thinking.

There can be something meaningful to learn from or about family or home matters. It’s easier to open up and enjoy conversations with the current themes, as there is little or no pressure to be accurate or on the ball.

A picture paints a thousand words. If you’re making a sales pitch, presentation, or trying to get a point across today, consider the efficacy of imagery.

Make full use of what can be communicated non-verbally through visual means now. What’s said can go in one ear and out the other, but what’s seen may not be so quickly forgotten.

There are two distinct camps developing that together are creating some positive conditions this week.

In one camp you have forces on the communication and relationship fronts working together, with next week’s lunar eclipse adding special conditions for friendship and relationship building to the mix.

Yet you also have an alignment of forces on the income and career fronts, which is leading onto a rise in job confidence. The Moon even returns with some valuable financial insights.

Today’s Quote: “When something bad happens you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.”

Lucky Numbers: 9, 22, 25, 31, 43, 46

Daily Compatibility: Gemini

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

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