Uranus turns retrograde today, dear Libra. While Uranus is retrograde each year for five months making this event far from uncommon, it does have some subtle effects on how you’re approaching your need for change, upgrades, and progress in some sectors of your life.

This year, these areas include your intimate life, finances, debts, and partnerships. Uranus will be changing the way you approach money and support, relationships, and intimacy for most of the coming seven years.

While Uranus is direct, changes are more evident and heavy, and while retrograde, issues are internalized and less visible. For best results, use this time for examining how you depend on others, and how you can alter these dependencies in ways that benefit you and people you love.

If financial or support matters have been up in the air, disorganized, or unreliable, now’s your chance to figure out why. Also today, romance or friendship may strengthen as Venus, your ruler, which happens to be transiting your sign and boosting your powers of attraction, forms a harmonious aspect with Mars.

You’re giving off warm vibes, and personal opportunities abound. You are more confident and focused, but also very receptive and approachable. Active, positive social interactions can be in focus.

Challenge the temptation to spoil people just to create the harmony you require. The task of finding balance in relationships demands your serious commitment now that Venus, the planet of love, is singing her sweet song in your sign.

Set an intention on how you want to use this cosmic good fortune and stick with it. Having a clear purpose creates direction, but things easily get out of hand without a specific goal.

It has been eight years since Venus last returned to Libra this early in the year and with your birthday month and new solar year still nearly seven weeks away, in her first full day she is giving your heart a massive head start.

Venus has returned too early to quickly pass through and the timing couldn’t be better. With Mars in his final days in a playful and romantically charged part of your chart and in retrograde motion Venus, planet of love has returned in time to make them count.

Today’s Quote: “Live more, complain less. More smiles, less stress. Less hate, more blessed.”

Lucky Numbers: 3, 16, 28, 31, 35, 40

Daily Compatibility: Sagittarius

Creativity: Excellent

Love: Excellent

Business: Good

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