Mars turns retrograde today, dear Libra, and until August 27th, you may be reassessing areas of your life for which you have lost some enthusiasm, mainly related to romance, creative projects, leisure time, hobbies, or partnerships.

A relationship with a lover or a child could become (or seem) more complicated. Refocusing, backtracking, and review are necessary and recommended now.

You may be turning to the past for answers. There can be a change of heart, or you could be questioning what you enjoy or love doing, and a new approach becomes necessary.

Watch for pent-up anger, frustration, and passive-aggressiveness in your relationships now.

Do whatever it takes, slowly but surely, to get dysfunctioning areas of your life back on track. Go gently today, and plan strategies rather than trying to push forward.

There is inertia to overcome if you want to demonstrate your artistic talents. Your coworkers may have already put you in a well-defined box that doesn’t recognize your more creative inclinations.

Fortunately, superhero Mars turns retrograde to highlight your 5th House of Spontaneity, inspiring you to take on the whole world in your battle for freedom of expression.

You are up against some tough resistance but your persistence will see you through.

Although your uphill climb might seem daunting, this is your best shot at pushing for what you want.

An eventful few days begins with Mars’ retrograde turn in a playful part of your chart, just as professional pressure or work/life balance tensions might be building.

While the tension is forming between your home and professional lives, as the Sun and Saturn move into opposition and this will be exacerbated by tomorrow’s Full Moon, Mars is able to capitalise on this.

On the very day Mars should be leaving, he instead does a U turn that will keep his playful influence alive.

Today’s Quote: “Do not regret growing older; it is a privilege denied to many.”

Lucky Numbers: 11, 13, 14, 18, 20, 22

Daily Compatibility: Gemini

Creativity: Good

Love: Fair

Business: Fair

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