Proud, somewhat narcissistic, Leos are folks who do not like arguments but when they lose it, their words can cut through diamonds. They love being the center of attention and they are in constant need of right and positive energy.

Powered by the sun, Leos welcome the limelight as they and are in full form when they receive praise. Leos always needs the right energy to shine the brightest, which is why you should always be intentional when speaking with any lions in your life. Knowing all these traits, here are a few things you must never say to a LEO.

1. You are selfish!
This zodiac sign will never accept the fact that they are selfish. According to them, the world does revolve around them even if deep down they know it does not. When you point this out to them, they do get angry as you hit a nerve you should not have.

2. Do not call them ‘needy’
One of the worst things you could do to ruin your relationship with a Leo is by calling them needy or desperate. Leos consider themselves to be self-reliant and they are happy to be alone at times in their own private space. They have a very strong opinion about themselves and so, if you call them needy it means you don’t really know them and this will trigger the fire sign.

3. ‘You have to change’
Another thing to offend a Leo is by saying that they have to change and they’re not the same anymore. Leos are constantly learning and growing, they are the most versatile and adaptable zodiac signs. Leo 5 months ago is not the same as 5 months later, they are completely changed personalities. So, if you tell a Leo they have to change, they might lash out on you.

4. “Leo, don’t go as a savior of the world”
This is only for those people who go where they are not called and who envy Leo for being protective and kind to his family.

One of the virtues that most attract the attention of Leo is his ability to help others, to offer himself for whatever it is even with someone he has just met. Leo does it for his principles, because he feels strong and feels that he has to protect whoever may need it. But above all he does it from the heart.

Leo feels that responsibility, it is something that comes from him, and acts to defend any unfair situation or person in distress. And also, selflessly. So, let someone come to doubt Leo’s way of acting because it seems that what he wants is to give himself importance, he brings out a fury from the lion that why do we want more. And more if it is someone who surely at the time also received part of Leo’s generosity or protection. Do not go too smart around here because it will sit very badly.

5. “I’m not sure how I feel, Leo.”
Astrologers believe this zodiac sign to be one of the most confident and self-assured signs. As a result, this sign wants to know that others around them are just as confident and are doing what they believe is right.

If you’ tell a fire sign that you haven’t made up your mind about a decision that’s important to them, you may unintentionally offend them.

Whether it’s a friendship or a romantic relationship, you should be clear about your intentions and decisions. Even if you really don’t know how you feel, share your thoughts with them. Making an attempt to communicate with your fire sign is sometimes all it takes.

6. Let it go, will ya?
Just when they feel that they are in a comfortable zone, they start allowing themselves to feel the deepest emotions. Elaine believes: “To ‘let it go,’ Leo unconsciously believes that they have to feel everything that was ever felt and release that explosion into the world and the LAST THING they want to do is cause harm! Healing modalities such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Network Chiropractic (energy level chiropractic) and emotive counseling do wonders to help Leo get to the many layers of feelings. And in a flash, they let it go and you’re forgiven…”.

7. ‘You’re overthinking’
Leo by nature are deep thinkers as they try to seek a solution to each and every problem and they hate asking for help. Because of this they try to introspect and analyse situations by themselves and thus, indulge into overthinking.

8. I forgot our plans
We all miss important dates and forget other details, but forgetting to invite a fire sign to an event is incredibly offensive. This sign absolutely hates to feel forgotten and will be very deeply hurt if it ever happens to them.

If you’ve forgotten about your fire sign, you need to make things right quickly. Beg this fire sign for forgiveness as you genuinely express how sorry you are. Then, let them get their anger out as the share how your actions made them feel.

You can get back into this sign’s good graces by validating them. Explain to your loved one how much you care for them and eventually, they’ll return to being the powerful sun you know and love.

9. “Stop making it about you!”
Though this sign knows the world doesn’t revolve around them, they depend on their loved ones to make them feel like they’re the center of attention. Just like the sun, they desire to know how important they are to everyone’s lives.

This is why it can be incredibly painful when someone close to them makes them feel bad for making situations about them. This sign is most comfortable when they have others hanging off of their every word.

Before you tell your loved one that they’re not always the center of attention, try to hear them out when they do talk about themselves or draw references from their own lives. In most cases, this is their way of relating to you.

10. We forgot to invite you to the party
Leos hate to feel like they are being left out! If you care about them so much, make them be the one that coordinates the party! You need to know that they are extremely fragile and they hurt so easily so, to prevent that it is better to follow our lead. Make sure that you make eye contact with them to let them know how important they are to you. They should never feel inadequate.

11. “You have to change.”
Fire signs have a strong opinion of themselves, to the point where they’ll lash out at anyone that isn’t completely happy with who they are.

If you ever tell this sign that they need to change, they’ll be deeply wounded. This sign loves to know how much they matter to their loved ones and wants to be accepted. Be sure to tell any fire signs in your life that you love them for who they are.

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