Read all about the personality characteristics of the Taurus kids and get a few tips on how to raise a kid born under this zodiac sign!

How to Raise Taurus Kids

Taurus kids are very simple. They either want to eat, sleep or play. If these three needs are not met, they’ll start to cry, scream and shout, until they get what they want. However, most of the time they are sleeping peacefully, which is their favourite hobby.

So, their parents won’t have to spend any time rocking them to sleep. Taurus kids love spending time in nature, so if they live in a house with garden, it will be good for them if their parents let them help out. They have a green thumb, so even if they live in an apartment, get indoor plants and they’ll be thrilled to care for them.

Taurus kids are strong both psychologically and physically, so they rarely get sick. Kids that are born under this sign are very sensitive. Also, they use their senses to discover everything that seems interesting.

So, they have an opinion about every smell, taste, sound, touch and about everything they see. Taurus kids are set into their rituals and changes are hard for them.

So, in order to ease into the transition, their parents should prepare them, before altering their habits, toys, food, schedule and a lot of other different things.

Characteristics of the Taurus Kids

As soon as they start counting and using simple math, they become little bankers and economists. If they get allowance, they’ll save every penny and won’t spend any of it. Also, they are careful and responsible with their toys, because they are afraid that they’ll lose or break them. However, their parents should encourage them to play with them more and have fun.

If they misbehave or do something bad, their parents should try talking to them first instead of punishing them. A “time out” isn’t suitable for the Taurus kids, because they don’t mind sitting in one place. So, their parents run the risk of being first to give up.

Also, Taurus kids respond very well to hugs, when they need to be calmed down or when they are in distress. When it is time for playing, it is best if their parents take them to a park, because they love the outdoors. However, they should bring a stroller, because they are bound to get tired and refuse to walk by themselves.

Taurus Kids Playtime

Being a member of a sports team that is played outside will improve their psychophysical state. Taurus kids are attached to their friends and home, so any conflict or misunderstanding at home will have a negative effect on their wellbeing.

It’s very important to socialize them with other kids. However, they are more than fine spending time only with their siblings. Their parents should have an honest and careful approach, because Taurus kids don’t want false promises.

They have a talent in art, economy architecture and music, so it’s recommended that they are constantly stimulated in these areas. Since an early age, Taurus kids should learn that actions have consequences. So, if they hit or bite other kids, their parents shouldn’t be nonchalant about it. Also, it’s important to teach them that they shouldn’t do that ever again.

Taurus Kids – Girls

Taurus girls are very picky with their food. If they don’t like it, they won’t eat it, not matter how much their parents beg them or try to bribe them. They are shy with people and kids they don’t know, but once they get to know them, they’ll look forward to spend more time with them.

They are smarter for their age. Sometimes, they even act like little ladies. Signing them up to dance classes is a good way for them to maintain that routine they need.

Because they rely on their senses they can’t stand loud noises, smelly foods or unpleasant smells. In school, they need more time than other kids to study, but that doesn’t stop them to get good grades.

So, their parents should help them out when they do their homework. However, they should be careful not to take over.

Taurus Kids – Boys
Taurus boys have certain opinions and stand their ground. They have a talent in music, so teaching them how to play a certain instrument will only increase this passion.

They’ll do anything for the love of their parents, especially their mother. So, giving them a lot of affection in the childhood will turn them into a wonderful and caring person.

In school they are bound to accomplish great results. All they need is a comfortable desk and a quiet room and they’ll tackle every school assignment.

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