You are looking at problems in a different way today, dear Sagittarius, and as a result, you’re heading towards innovative solutions.

The days ahead can be healing, and it’s all about what you’re saying and thinking. Talking through your problems can be amazingly helpful now, but so can anonymous writing or connecting.

You’re in a good position to communicate with friends or connect with ideas that are unique and inspiring as well, but as the day advances, there seems to be a particular need to wind down, take some time to clear your head, and reflect on things as the Moon moves into your privacy sector.

Fortunately, it meets up with Venus in this same area of your solar chart, suggesting a real enjoyment of this time to yourself.

The emergence of an influential person can protect you and it will pave the way to success. Now is a good time to plant the seeds for future success, but don’t forget to stop and reward yourself for how far you’ve come.

You are far from the harmony you have been frantically struggling to get for days. Do not risk and keep calm, however much you don’t approve of about that what is happening around you.

It is not advisable to travel now because your thoughts are busy with urgent tasks and you are distracted.

Put more focus on yourself and make sure are not neglecting your own personal growth and financial gain. It takes courage to be honest, open, and vulnerable to make a change possible.

In a coming time you may be confronted with enemies that have set a goal to ruin on your plans. Don’t be afraid of making an honest appraisal of a situation. Do not put too much trust in people.

As the eternal optimist in any room, you can be vulnerable to others not taking you seriously. Sentimental Venus is settling into your 12th House of Illusions and hidden needs assume a deeper significance.

These desires plunge to new depths and may be best understood through a meditation exercise as they are living in the liminal space between your conscious and subconscious.

Restless Mercury is still in retrograde motion, affording you the opportunity to reassess what it is you truly want and how you plan on getting it. Hope is the seed of change.

Today’s Quote: “Worry does nothing but steal your joy and keep you very busy doing nothing.”

Lucky Numbers: 2, 10, 18, 25, 30, 44

Daily Compatibility: Aquarius

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

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