You are looking at the long view when it comes to your health, work, or money now, dear Sagittarius, and this helps you see these things from a different and useful perspective. Decisions this morning are good as a result of this depth of vision.

It can come to you in a rush how to deal with a challenging situation and put it behind you. As the day advances, insecurities or frustrations can interfere with perceptions. There can be complications to giving or receiving love today or early tomorrow, but keep in mind that these may be self-imposed.

Passion and creative energy may meet with some level of frustration or blockage. Obstacles may be financially-related on the surface of things, but they can also relate to emotional reservations or fears of unworthiness. Keep in mind that blocks are temporary, but there are also valuable lessons to absorb while you wait.

You are driven to make your mark today by excelling on the job. You are willing to put in long hours in order to achieve recognition or to earn extra money. But karma is not a zero-sum game now.

It’s not fair, but the rewards you receive are not necessarily based on your current efforts. Nevertheless, you still must show up and perform at your absolute best if you want to increase your chances of professional fulfillment.

The Moon is playing a valuable role all this week, despite the fact that it only stays a few days in each area of your chart.

The Moon is tracking across the same part of the sky that a host of planets have been or are still and also where things are about to shift.

Today the Moon is wrapping up its last visit to your income sector before Mars’ return later in the month, while coming full circle from last month’s solar eclipse on the communication front. Both get a shot in the air today.

Author Douglas Adams wrote, “The complexities of cause and effect defy analysis.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Fair

Business: Good

Lucky Numbers: 11, 12, 13, 14, 31, 35

Daily Compatibility: Libra

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