You need to feel connected to something bigger than your own mind. Now you’re feeling an unmistakable pull toward the spiritual side of life, while your vital energy pushes you in the same direction.

The mysteries of life are tremendous, and meditation on life’s larger issues helps make your time here much sweeter and more fulfilling. Now is the time to tackle big, important topics.

The people you connect with over coming weeks may bring exciting ideas and opportunities your way. And the coming days are no exception, as a very lively aspect can see you researching a topic that may be the start of good things to come.

This is something that you could become very enthusiastic about, so much so, that you may want to study it in more depth Sagittarius.

Someone may be upset because they think you’re avoiding the reality of a situation. Actually, there could be truth to their assumption, because temporary denial is easier than confronting the facts today.

You can discern the top of a distant mountain, making it easy to envision a straight line to your destination.

But ignoring the rivers that must be crossed to get there now, along with the rugged terrain or your shortage of supplies, can be detrimental to your success. A proverb reminds you, “The eyes are useless when the mind is blind.”

The focus is firmly on communication today, but in all its different hues and forms. From connecting with family, communication on the relationship front and with all your human connections, today is all about communication and connecting.

For just as Mercury, planet of communication is spending his first weekend in your communication sector, Venus is spending her last. With the Sun on board, between them they have the field covered.

Lucky Numbers: 1, 9, 12, 22, 41, 47

Daily Compatibility: Aries

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