Connections to a friend, network, or group are in focus today, dear Sagittarius, although they can clash just a little with more personal concerns.

Giving a little by compromising may be your best bet. Otherwise, you may feel divided and perhaps a little drained.

Also today, however, you can feel compelled to make changes and to grow with and through them.

People are putting their faith in you, and you have a stronger sense of what’s right for you in the long run.

Financial matters may improve, or you feel more confident about getting the resources you need now.

Later today, you’re inclined to require some repose or withdrawal as the Moon enters your privacy sector for a few days.

Your craving for social activity is undeniable today, even if it means you’re closely tied to other people’s schedules.

You long to feel like you’re a part of an extended family or tribe as the Libra Moon hangs out in your 11th House of Community.

Although you tend to walk through the world with a keen sense of independence, spending time with friends does not have to derail your sense of sovereignty.

Balancing your needs with reality is an ongoing anthropological experiment. Relinquishing control invites magic into your life.

What you have is a good day to get stuck in and get things done around the house, to focus on home and family matters or just pour your time and energy into housekeeping in general.

For in his last full day in your home and family sector, Mars is focused on getting all those things done that will free up more time for play from tomorrow.

For tomorrow, Mars will return to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart and from the get go he will be determined to put his stamp on 2019.

Today’s Quote: “I don’t go by or change my attitude based on what people say. At the end of the day, they, too, are judging me from their perspective. I would rather be myself and let people accept me for what I am than be somebody who I am not, just because I want people’s approval.”

Lucky Numbers: 3, 11, 12, 30, 37, 46

Daily Compatibility: Aries

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Excellent

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