The Sun and Pluto have their yearly meeting in your solar second house, dear Sagittarius, and this alignment can heighten your awareness of your deeper ambitions and fears especially about your earning power, feelings of self-worth, money matters, and security.

This is an excellent time for creating strategies to spend and save more effectively, primarily related to reducing or getting rid of redundancies in Pluto style.

This powerful duo can stir up strong feelings about your boundaries, income, and values, and if you’re fearful or worried about security or financial matters, you can be particularly sensitive about these things today and tomorrow.

Resolve to do what you can to improve your financial picture. Hold off on new purchases or endeavors and focus instead on what can be pared down, eliminated, or recycled.

If you’ve grown overly attached to certain stagnant situations or excess clutter, then you may work on freeing yourself of these dead weights.

Give your family or your home base a little extra tender loving care today.

For all the security that you derive from the people and places that provide healthy grounding in your life, it’s wonderful to express appreciation by occasionally showering some generous care in their directions.

Tidy up your living quarters. Express a heartfelt or overdue thank you. Cherish your environment and your loved ones.

Treat yourself as lovingly as you deserve, too. Allow the positivity and gratitude to flow freely without restraint.

Jupiter returns to Sagittarius every 12 years and here until December, this brings you to the start of an exciting and expansive year, full of new opportunities and a chance to not just see the world, but to embrace life full on.

Yet something is different from the last time Jupiter was here, in 2006/2007.

This time you have put in the hard work and there is a sense that what Jupiter is offering, is not being offered on a silver plate. You deserve this and this makes this a lot easier to seize.

Today’s Quote: “Cry as hard as you want to. But always make sure: when you stop crying, you’ll never cry for the same reason again.”

Lucky Numbers: 3, 8, 9, 15, 46, 49

Daily Compatibility: Aries

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Excellent

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