There can be positive developments related to friendship, romance, a creative project, or a child now, dear Sagittarius. Even so, someone close to you could be cynical or doubting which can bring you down a rung.

You might also watch for a tendency to question or read too much into situations, as a Mercury-Pluto tends to skew our thinking in such a way that we worry about not having control over a situation or we second-guess others’ motives.

However, the Sun in your home and family sector harmonizes with the Moon in your work and health sector, and you can feel good about your basic routines and support system.

Excellent energy is on its way for home, family, and personal matters for you, in fact.

Unexpected events on the home front pull your attention from worldly affairs today. Or, you might be distracted by a flood of childhood memories. Either way, there are personal issues that can prevent you from being fully present in your daily routine.

Unfortunately, there’s no off switch that controls your inner awareness and if you try to suppress your thoughts now, they will only grow louder.

Instead, don’t be afraid to bring your past back into sharp focus. Only when you embrace the intensity of your family history will it release its grip on you and allow you to move on.

A day that starts with the Moon in a playful part of your chart but ends the day in your work sector will always bring a need for balance between the two.

Yet in a small way this is a prequel to a much larger and more game changing shift from playful to a work and job focused time ahead.

The next few days provide some valuable clues, hunches and insights to what lies ahead, not just on the job front but in terms of a balance between work and play.

Creativity: Good

Love: Fair

Business: Good

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