Today is excellent for committing to a family project or breaking a bad habit, dear Sagittarius. You can feel especially confident about and determined to grow and improve your life, particularly on an emotional level.

This is also a good day for reminding yourself of those things in your life that make you feel comfortable and safe. It’s time for establishing your needs and desires and for exploring how to best satisfy them, and today, you may be recognizing different levels and dimensions of your needs that you usually miss.

You can have a more compelling desire to bring harmony and balance to your personal life. As well, you’re in great shape for making important purchases or assessments about personal possessions.

It seems as if the sky is the limit for everyone else today, while it’s merely the starting point for you. Your intentions are aimed at a distant goal and you have no reason to doubt your ability to reach it.

However, you are treading on tricky ground now, and it’s almost impossible to draw the line between reality and fantasy. Although dreams can inspire you to stretch beyond previous limits, they can also lead you on a wild goose chase. A little discernment saves the day.

After nearly two months in Sagittarius, Mercury moves into his final week today, finally ready to get on with the job of helping you to create a game plan and resolutions for the coming year.

Yet these need to be interim or ‘for now’ plans, those that will take you into the early weeks of the New Year and will give you a rough plan to follow. For with Mars just over three weeks away, you haven’t even begun to look at what really excites you.

Lucky Numbers: 1, 8, 22, 23, 38, 39

Daily Compatibility: Leo

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Excellent

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