You don’t typically need to be forcibly yanked out of the shadows, but you’re going to get tugged in SOME direction on Tuesday, February 26. An activating quarter moon in your sign can restore balance wherever it’s needed.

If you’ve been going full-steam ahead for the past couple weeks, this may convince you to slow your roll and catch your breath. On the other hand, if you’ve been waiting to be “invited” to come out and play, this fiery lunation reminds you that Archers don’t wait; they initiate!

But even as you come bounding off the sidelines, pause long enough to consider what might have been holding you back. Is there some fear, anxiety or sense of “I don’t belong” or “deserve” this opportunity?

It’s important to find that piece so you can work on it directly by appropriate means. You may just need a good old fire sign self-pep-talk!

But if you discover the roots run deeper, you might want to discuss it with a counselor or work with an energy healer. This is an excellent time to launch an initiative you’ve been quietly developing or make a big reveal on a passion project.

Remember, though: This quarter moon helps with recalibrating scales that have tipped to one side. So while your sign is all about independence, if you’ve been doing a little too much by yourself—and are struggling or growing resentful—now’s your chance to come out and ask for an assist. If you don’t have the funds to hire a pro, see who’s open to a professional barter.

This Friday, heaviness or mistrust around friendships dissipates as lighthearted Venus swings into people-loving Aquarius and your social third house. Keep your phone fully charged at all times; you’ll be at the center of a buzzing hive, and you won’t want to miss out on a single invite.

Through March 26, your dance card will be full, and you may even double-book evenings since you won’t be able to say no to anyone (plus everything is FOMO-inducing!).

The third house also rules neighbors, siblings and local activity, so while hanging with your homies, be open to adding some unfamiliar—yet fun!—faces.

It’s a wonderful cycle to become a regular on the community scene and a perfect excuse to check out all the live music, cultural happenings and pub events you hear about but never actually attend.

As an adventurous Sag, you may be leading your squad to some memorable outings. And with Venus in eclectic Aquarius, you won’t say “no thanks” to much, if anything!

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