It’s never too early—and seldom too late—to create a sound saving and investing strategy. As a hardworking, financially responsible Taurus, it’s important to know that your money is working hard for YOU!

You can get more information, advice or anything you need on Tuesday, February 26, when a visionary Sagittarius quarter moon lights up your eighth house of long-term wealth. While diligently socking away funds is a good start, you’ll need to be (even) savvier about growing your money.

Compounding interest is the name of the game, but if you’re not sure what types of investments are appropriate for you, find a pro and have a consult.

There are no hard and fast rules: It’s all about your lifestyle goals and comfort level with risk. But little “hacks,” like having a fixed amount automatically deposited into a special account, will help bypass the human/temptation pitfalls.

The eighth house also rules emotional mergers, and this lunation could increase the intensity in your personal life. A fledgling relationship could get upgraded to official status, couples could take a big next step, perhaps involving keys or jewelry—or have a serious talk about things that are lacking in the relationship.

Single? Focus on the qualities you want in a partner, and when you vibe them in someone, overlook superficialities like appearance and where they work, and see if there’s magic there.

Just remember: All relationships have their ups and downs, and if you care enough about someone, you’ve got to be willing to ride out the bumpy challenges.

uranus in taurus

You may become even more focused on your union—or dating efforts—on Friday. Your ruler, amorous and aesthetic Venus, bids sayonara to your nomadic ninth house and zips into your tenth house of status, attention and future orientation until March 26.

If you’re in a relationship that isn’t locked and loaded, take some time over these next several weeks to get to know the things you’re unsure of. Does this person share your core values and goals?

Are they hoping to one day settle down and have a family? These are “trifles” you should know sooner than later because mere chemistry won’t carry you to the finish line. Single? Maybe it’s time to try different strategies: new dating apps, fresh hangouts, being more responsive to people who reach out to YOU.

Be honest with yourself, Bull. If you know you want a successful professional, quit hanging out in dive bars and start attending more industry events. And maybe spring for a couple VIP galas where you’re more likely to meet the class of person you’re seeking.

This is also a highly creative cycle at work, so if you’re feeling blocked or stuck, try something wildly original. You’ll have more fun and might even catch the attention of some influencers who can open doors.

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